2 Stage Deal In Vancouver Or Calgary

We are looking to facilitate an acquisition on behalf of a client looking to purchase a firm in Calgary or Vancouver. The client is looking for a small accounting firm in Vancouver or a bookkeeping firm in either Vancouver or Calgary that would like to be part of a two-stage deal. The agreement would be where the original Partners stay on for an agreed upon length of time, and the Operations and Administration, are handed over to their firm in an effort to slowly transistion ownership from one company to the next.

Have you been considering slowing down? Or even leaving the accounting and bookkeeping field altogether? If you own your own practice it can be difficult to transition out of the business. We know the personal and financial strain that selling your business can cause. This is why we propose a two-stage deal where business owners can transition out of their business while transferring more and more responsibilities to the buyer. We would work as a team to come up with a time frame that works for everyone and can be anywhere from four years to 15 years. You would still maintain an income throughout the process, maintain your autonomy within the company-including keeping your current branding, and interact with your clients in the same way you already do.

Together we would create a plan which would include a laid out timeline, with an exit date, costs and commissions through the transition, and any other details during the transition. Some of the benefits of a two-stage deal for business owners include: maintaining your income level throughout the transition, it’s a safety net in the event of death or injury, avoid late stage re-investment in infrastructure, and you can focus on your clients rather than worrying about the administrative tasks of running your business.
If you’re a business owner and you’re considering a two stage deal please call John Leishman at 1-800-985-3853 or via email at [email protected]