How to be a hyperefficient, scalable organization in 5 easy steps

So you’ve discovered that by outsourcing through Tursa Group you’ve saved money and can now afford to expand your business? Congratulations!  Here are some tips on small things you can do to around the office to facilitate an increased number of teleworking, remote staff within your organization:

1. Digitize:

  • Go paperless. PDF is today’s form of paper. Send PDF instead of paper and recommend it.
  • Sign contracts digitally. Drag and drop your signature as required, and email it back.
  • Convert your fax line to fax-to-email
  • Invest in a High speed scanner.
  • Capture and file receipts digitally with your smartphone’s camera.
  • Use Fill an envelope from your ‘shoebox of receipts’. Shoebox takes  care of the rest

2. Documentation:

  • You cannot scale or grow quickly without effective documentation in place for new staff.
  • We use short 3-5 minutes videos on how to document every internal process in our company and share them on a staff Youtube channel.
  • We use a screen capture software that costs $40  per user.  Staff can simply talk out loud while doing their tasks and the audio and video is saved in a video format. It is a great way to get information out of employees heads and document in a very easy way.

3. Cloud-Based Services

  • Google Apps, Office 365 , Sales Force, Wave Accounting – You can eliminate your internal IT infrastructure and go with hosted or custom solutions but it takes planning and organization. The benefit is less costly IT investment and the ability to work from any web enabled device.

4. Outsource

  • Outsource tasks that are not strategic. This gives you the flexibility to scale up or down as demand for your business fluctuates. IE –  Outsource your bookkeeping but keep your CFO.
  • It is important that the outsourced staff are integrated into your company’s culture and communication system in order to get the best results.

5. Telecommuting: A Strategic Initiative

  • Reduce office costs, expand your reach of where you can recruit staff from.
  • In order for telecommuting to work for your organization it is very important that the right communication platform is put in place such as a VOIP system AND an internal chat system.
  • The internal chat system will become your “watercooler” as it has in my organization.  It will allow staff to create relationships, provide a social outlet and, most importantly, gives employees a place where they can seek help in completing tasks.