Why BPO and how can you increase profits?

Over the past 3 years our organization has utilized a new way of doing business. It’s a strategy that has proven effective for us in our organization and we’d like to introduce it to you. It’s a new perspective on how you can increase your profits, efficiency within your organization and a fresh way of thinking about your business processes.

We have developed the tools to bring Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) to the mid-sized organization in a way that will increase productivity and lower your company’s overall costs. We feel that we’ve reached a point where the adoption of Cloud-based Technologies and the increased use of VOIP is allowing companies like yours to take advantage of talent pools all across the world. At Tursa Group we have seen the benefits of BPO and now have talented staff located all across North America.

The Tursa Group provides services in four main categories:
1.Managed Services: Cloud Implementations and CIO.
2. Financial Services: CFO and Bookkeeping.
3. Marketing: Social Media and Public Relations.
4. General Administration: Data Entry and Sales staff.

We hope the information below provides you with a new perspective about how your company can be structured. We feel very strongly about this way of business because we’ve been using it to our advantage for many years.

So, what is BPO?

BPO, or Business Process Outsourcing is defined as the act of utilizing the services of a third party by a company in order to perform its back office operations, that might be payroll administration, accounting, billing or any bookkeeping, customer help desks or call centers, telemarketing, web design, development and maintenance, search engine optimization and social media marketing; the list is endless. In fact, you’ve already participated in business process outsourcing in some fashion.

John Leishman, CEO and founder of Tursa Group, discovered some time ago that by using personnel located outside his geographic area, specifically expatriates living abroad, he could tap into highly qualified staff and significantly reduce his operating expenses. Now he’s taking his revolutionary concept to the next level. Because this has been so successful for him, he’s determined to share his discovery and the benefits of it with his most important associates: you.

For more information on how Tursa Group has leveraged this technology to improve operational efficiency in an organization click here.

Now, what can BPO do for you?

Outsourcing is not about what you can subtract from a business, it’s about what you can add. BPO transforms existing processes to make them leaner, smarter and faster, and all the while reducing the cost. Have you considered the total cost of your on-site personnel? Not just the labour but the hardware, software, furniture, stationery, salary contributions, management necessary, training, etc.

Read more about the cost savings of BPO here.

Now is the time to think about strategies and how your business will remain productive and efficient in the future. Need someone to cover the phones? Need Cloud Strategy Consulting? We can do that and more. Using the resources of Tursa Group, we has been able to assemble a stellar list of expatriates, ready to operate as virtual divisions of your company. They have a wide variety of talents and experience, including high level sales executives, certified public accountants, web designers, programmers, executive assistants, school teachers, customer service specialists, and more. This staff is now at your disposal, ready to substitute as vacation staff or permanently enhance your operation and allow your management team to refocus them on the core business of your company. Read a recent article from Inc.com about the four things businesses should be outsourcing.

Not convinced?

We understand the very idea of outsourcing may make some people uncomfortable since it involves handing away the responsibilities of part of the business to someone else who isn’t on location. But with the IT expertise and advanced communication technology of Tursa Group, we weave our Expats into your workflow process and more importantly into the culture of your organization using the latest communication tools. We mitigate the cultural risks of most BPO initiatives because of the fact that your virtual division will be composed of fellow Canadians or Americans who just happen to be living down south, the problems commonly associated with off-shoring and outsourcing are not a concern for you. Your virtual worker is culturally relevant, speaks your language, and isn’t that far away from your time zone.

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Times and technology are changing, and while it used to be only huge corporations who could enjoy the benefits of BPO, we are determined to offer those same advantages to medium-sized businesses. Read what the New York Times says about outsourcing for business. Most importantly, remember that the most successful BPO partnerships come about because of a strong collaborative working relationship. Consider us an extension of your team.

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Thank you for your continued support, we hope this message has been informative! For more information on how expatriates can work for you – while saving you money – have a look at our website at TursaGroup.com.