July 2012 Newsletter

Welcome to the July edition of our Geeks on the Way Newsletter. This month we have some tips to help your business save time and money by utilizing online programs such as GoToMeeting, SQL, and Front Accounting to move your business to the cloud.

Using GoToMeeting to increase sales, profits, and efficiency for your business

If you feel like you spend the better part of your day commuting and travelling to and from meetings with clients, suppliers, and back to the office for internal meetings you may not have checked out of GoToMeeting.

GoToMeeting allows you to save time travelling to and from meetings and money spent on gas, parking, airfare and hotels and lets you run your business more efficiently and effectively. GoToMeeting lets you host online meetings with up to 15 people with screen sharing options so you can do more and travel less.

It’s easy and fast to join an online meeting instantly from either a Mac or PC or schedule a later meeting time. Attendees just click the meeting link you provide by email or instant message, or enter a meeting ID you give them over the phone. While joining, attendees choose whether to conference in via phone or their computer’s’ microphone and speakers.

GoToMeeting means you can share your desktop screen with other attendees so that any proposals, marketing strategies, training sessions, etc can be seen by everyone invited to the meeting. It eliminates the need to drive across town to go over documents in person when you can show attendees exactly what they need right from your computer’s desktop.

You can also integrate your meetings into your calendar in Microsoft Outlook to help you stay organized and prepared for all your upcoming meetings. And you can create recurring meetings to save time so you don’t have to keep setting up a weekly or monthly meeting over and over.

If you’d like a free demo on how GoToMeeting works please contact our office at 1800-875-5017 and we would be happy to set up a meeting.

Video- How GotoMeeting works.

Accounting in the Cloud

How would your company manage if tomorrow you lost all of your data and files? More specifically, what if you lost all of your financial, tax, and payroll data? Would your company survive? 95% of all companies go bankrupt in less than 12 months after they have lost all their data.

There are a number of ways to protect your company from data loss and bankruptcy. One great way is taking advantage of offsite data backup. The other is to use programs that are web-based and store information on the Cloud. The cloud is essentially the internet and it functions like a virtual server. It simplifies the work your computers or servers have to do, allows you to outsource the work, and simplifies your IT expenditure. By using online accounting software like SQL-Ledger or Front Accounting you remove any possibility that your accounting data and financials are lost.

Both online accounting programs are web-based applications which means you can log into your software from any computer anywhere in the world provided you have an internet connection, the link and your username and password. This not only means if your computer crashes or you are the victim of theft, fire or flood that all your information is safe but also that your employees can access the program from home if, for example, their kids are sick or your accountant in another city can have access to your information without sending them spreadsheets and receipts.

Finally, your information is safe and secure because the software uses an encrypted https address, which is the same security level as your online banking. You can customize user permissions so only certain people can access the information and you can change those permissions at any time. And of course, the software itself is fully customizable to meet your company’s current and future growth needs.

If you would like more information on these programs please contact one of our Corporate Account Representatives at 1-800-875-5017.

Free Network Evaluation

We’d still love to hear from you to see if we can help you manage your offices IT requirements and also reduce your overall costs. We are able to offer you 2 options currently:
1) A 25% savings on your yearly IT labour expenses that includes unlimited onsite support, unlimited help desk and remote support, and full server / workstation monitoring
2) Bypassing onsite support unless on an emergency per-call billable basis, we can save you 50% on your yearly IT labour expenses by bundling unlimited remote support and full server / workstation monitoring.

You can book your FREE NETWORK EVALUATION for your organization! Call us 7 days a week to speak with one of our Corporate Account Representatives at 1-800-875-5017.

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