April 3rd 2013 Newsletter

Need a break from work this summer? Have you ever considered hiring a teleworker to help with phone or work coverage during your busy season or during the year when you could really use a break?Tursa Group has over 10 years of experience employing teleworking expats from all across North America to work remotely with you and your company on any tasks you may like assistance with. We offer administrative support, customer service representatives, accounting, social media, website design and much more. Current technology allows employees to work remotely from home –  and anywhere in the world.For more information on the services we offer please click here

The idea came about over a decade ago, when John Leishman, founder of Tursa Group realized he didn’t need to spend thousands of dollars a month renting office space for his employees to work from and could save money by having his employees work from home. He then took it one step further, noticing that there were lots of talented expats living abroad in countries where the cost of living was much lower. He has now implemented BPO solutions (Business Process Outsourcing) for several small to medium sized businesses and is helping them transition their company to a virtual one or even just matching them with a teleworker to help them save time and money.

Video – John Leishman on why Teleworking works so well.
For Employers - Why You Should Have Teleworkers
For Employers – Why You Should Have Teleworkers

We know that this integration will require careful planning and shifting business models can be a daunting task at first. But our experience in both transitioning to remote workers for our own back office needs and providing back office support staff for our clients we make these transitions easy and with minimal impact to your business.

Now is a great time to start thinking about hiring a teleworker. With the summer right around the corner could you use someone to fill in for employees who are taking vacations? Need someone to cover the phones? We can do that. Part time or full time. Let us know what your requirements are and we will be able to help.
Meet some of our Teleworking Staff!
James - Teleworking Expats
Teleworking Expat - Carly
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Contact us today by email at [email protected] or at our Geeks On The Way office at 1-800-875-5017 and we can provide you with a free quote on our teleworking services. Let us show you how a teleworker can be a great fit for you company and how we can save you time and money over a traditional in-house employee. You can also find us online at Facebook and Twitter.