April 30th 2013 Newsletter

IT costs can be quite expensive. Especially when the majority of organizations rely so heavily on technology to keep their businesses running from day-to-day.  So how can you know where and how to cut your spending and still run your company effectively? At Tursa Group and Geeks On The Way we specialize in IT solutions to help keep your business running but at a fraction of what you’d think it would cost. We’ve listed some of our favourite money saving solutions below.

1.  Google Apps – The cornerstone of Google Apps is Gmail. Gmail is a cloud based email service that can be customized with your own personalized domain and includes Google Docs. Google Docs is a web-based document service that includes a word-style program, spreadsheet, presentation, and other services. It works similar to the Microsoft Office Suite but it is based on the cloud so you have access to all your documents and email anywhere in the world and on any computer so long as you have an internet connection. It also offers calendar sharing, gchat, and Google Hangout. Over 2 million business worldwide use Google Apps. Let us show you how Google Apps can work for you.

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Video –  How Google Apps Works.

Google Docs How To Tutorial 2012

2. VOIP Calling – Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) can be a really great way to save your business money for your telecom needs. Because it functions by using the internet, your business will save on expenses incurred by the physical phone infrastructure that you have in place in your office. It also allows your business to transition away from a traditional office environment and gives you the opportunity to have employees work remotely – saving you money of rental space each month. VOIP can be especially cost-effective for companies that make a lot of long distance calls each month. A VOIP phone system will allow you to make these calls at a fraction of the cost, while still enjoying standard features like caller ID, voicemail, and conference calling.

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Video – What is an IP Phone.

What is an IP Phone?

3. Google Hangout – Google Hangout is one of the great features of Gmail and Google Apps. It allows up to 15 people (for business users only) to “meet” together in an online video chat. It makes it easy to hold meetings between clients and co-workers even if they are in different cities or offices. The screen sharing features allow you to show documents that the group is working on or for training purposes it could be used to show new employees how to use company software. In Google Hangout everyone in the hangout can even watch the same video at the same time and when partnered with Google Apps, employees can work together on projects all at the same time.

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Video – Google Hangout

Hangouts in Gmail

4. Virtual Staffing (BPO) – While Virtual Staffing may not seem like a technological way to save money running your business we’ve added it to our list because advances in technology have allowed for virtual staffing to be equally effective as hiring an in-house employee. Through Google Apps, VOIP phone systems, Google Hangout, and cloud-based softwares, Virtual Staffing has become one of the best ways to to simplify and save money in any organization. By taking advantage of Canadian and American expats living abroad you can save huge on staffing costs and never compromise on the quality of work being done.

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Video – BPO and Virtual Staffing

What is BPO? Or Business Process Outsourcing?

Our Corporate Account Representatives are available to answer any questions you may have on how your business can use technology to work more efficiently and save money while doing so. Please contact us at 1-800-875-5017 or via email at [email protected] for more information. We can also be found on Facebook and Twitter.