May 10th 2013 Newsletter

It goes without saying, having a website to market your business is not only a good idea, it’s an absolute necessity for marketing your business. It helps you stay connected to your customer 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Even though your website is designed to provide information to your customers and generate business, how do you know it’s actually working? Are your customers finding the information they need while visiting your site and how many of these visits are translating into sales?

How can you make the most of the visitors to your website and turn those visitors into qualified leads and ultimately sales? The best way to do this is to engage your customers while they are on your website. Nearly 80% of visitors to your website will leave and never come back if they can’t find the information they’re looking for. Which means, once they leave your site it’s nearly impossible to win them back from your competitor. By implementing a Live Chat on your website you can interact directly with your customers when they visit your website. You can help them with exactly what they are looking for so they have no reason to leave your site and go elsewhere.
  • 60% of people are going online to find out more about products and services
  • 83% of people need help during their investigation online
  • 71% of people expect immediate assistance online
  • 48% will leave the site if you don’t help them

If one third of the visitors to your website can be engaged in a conversation then using a Live Chat on your website is an excellent way to generate more sales leads. Your clients are then more likely to stay on your page and buy your products and services versus leaving and spending their money elsewhere. You can avoid losing potential clients by making sure they receive the information they were looking for right away while they’re on your site. If fact, visitors to your website that use the Live Chat are:

  • Are 7.5 times more likely to convert into a client compared to the average website visitor
  • Turn into sales on average 24% of the time
  • Spend on average 55% more
  • Are 9.8 times more likely to buy if they are engaged directly by you

Tursa Group and Geeks On The Way can help you set up the Live Chat on your website. We offer a variety of different payment methods to suit any budget. Whether you’d like to pay per month, per lead, or per sale, we can help you start turning your site visitors into qualified leads and sales today. For more information on the service please contact us at 1-800-875-5017 or via our website at