Tursa Group Home Page, The Who, What How and Why

John Leishman, owner and CEO of Tursa Group provides some insights and background about Tursa Group.

What is Tursa Group?

Tursa Group is a Business Process Outsourcing company for small and medium sized business. We started out over 10 years ago providing IT support to organizations throughout Canada and USA underneath a different brand and now we have expanded our offerings to include other BPO and outsourcing services by assigning remote agents as it relates to social media, bookkeeping for organizations, financial reporting, IT support and helpdesk support – a whole variety of different services that small and medium sized businesses need.

What makes Tursa Group unique?

What makes Tursa Group unique is that we utilize remote agents – Canadians and Americans living in Mexico – to access high quality skills at a reduced rate. We are one of the few companies in the world that I know of that is employing this particular type of strategy.

Who uses outsourcing services?

50% of jobs can be done through telecommuting. Tursa Group has a broad spectrum of clients. We have a hairdresser who is utilizing our BPO services because she kept having problems with staff leaving their jobs on a regular basis. And then she’s to spend up to 24 hours training each person. So we actually provided her with an employee out of Mexico City to answer her phones, do all the scheduling of her appointments, do her upselling. We provided her with a VOIP system to do this particular job.

We also have a medical device company who is on a tight budget and we placed a remote agent to help with customer service, customer complaints, order fulfillment and operations in social media.

Another example would be we’ve got a client that runs a building environmental control company. And so we’ve placed a remote agent, again out of Mexico City, she’s got a Bachelor’s and an MBA and she’s helping with the operations, dispatching of technicians, project management, bookkeeping.

And then there’s me. In my own company, we’ve got staff for accounting, financial statements, helpdesk support, call center, social media work – all by Canadians and Americans that we employ that actually live in Mexico. In my own organization, I save about $15,000 a month in labor costs. So there’s some significant savings and access to high quality talent as well.

How can they reach you?

If you go to the right upper hand corner of our page (www.TursaGroup.com), there’s a Contact form. There’s also a toll free number, give us a call. If you’re just curious about how this actually works, we can spend, you know, five or ten minutes to quickly tell you about how it works for us, how it works for other organizations and how it could potentially work for you.