What Sort of Companies Use Business Process Outsourcing Services?

John Leishman, CEO and owner of Tursa Group, provides information on companies and organizations that use business process outsourcing services.

Let me start the discussion by saying 50% of all jobs can be done through telecommuting as published by the US government. Some examples of clients that utilize our BPO services, we have a hair salon for example who had very high turnover of their front end staff. And they spend a lot of time, about 24 hours I believe, training each staff member. So we actually found a mature remote agent in Mexico City and all the calls are answered by that person, all the scheduling was done, all the upselling was done on the different services offered by this high end salon. She also does some social media work and some operations for this client as well.

So, what happened was she got a high quality remote agent who is motivated to do the best that she could do and we help solve that problem for her. We also provided her with a VOIP system to enable the routing of calls to her remote agent in Mexico.

Another example would be we have a medical device company who’s on a very tight budget and we’ve placed a person to help them with customer service, customer complaints, order fulfillment, and operations and social media. And their remote agent is doing really well in their particular position.

Third example would be we have a client who’s sort of like a building environmental control company. They monitor the air quality of buildings. And we’ve placed a person with them to help again with operations, dispatching of technicians. They’re getting him to helping them with bookkeeping, some social media, a whole variety of different types of tasks.

And I guess the last example would be my company. You know, I’ve been using this business process outsourcing strategy for over four and a half years now. So all my bookkeeping, my financial recording, my helpdesk, my call center, my social media – everything that’s used to run my organization is done with remote staff down there. And incidentally, in terms of savings, I probably save over $15,000 a month in labor costs by employment strategy and my industry is incredibly competitive to cut through.