What Makes Tursa Group’s Selling Proposition Unique?

In this video, John Leishman, CEO and owner of Tursa Group, a Business Process Outsourcing company, explains why their unique selling proposition is so important.

Why is your unique selling proposition so important?

“In a traditional business process outsourcing model, you have staff working in different timezones, whether it’s India or the Philippines and coming from different cultural backgrounds. Well sometimes, you get problems which a lot of people in North America have an experience with it – a negative perspective on outsourcing. The advantage of our model is you get people in the same timezone with the same cultural background and the same language and roughly half the cost of domestic labor.”

Tursa Group is a Business Process Outsourcing company for small and medium sized business throughout Canada and USA providing BPO services by assigning remote agents as it relates to social media, bookkeeping for organizations, financial reporting, IT support and helpdesk support – a whole variety of different services that small and medium sized businesses need.