What is Business Process Outsourcing?

In this video, John Leishman CEO and owner of Tursa Group provides a detailed explanation on Business Process Outsourcing.

What is BPO?

“BPO is an acronym that stands for Business Process Outsourcing. It’s been around for 20 years and has been utilized by the large multi-national firms primarily for data-entry type work and more recently for telecom type work or customer service. Another term for this is off shoring.

And then more recently, near-shoring, was the next big thing where the outsourced staff are in the same timezone as the parent organization. And this alleviated the issue of a 12-hour timezone difference. But still there is cultural challenges and language challenges.

We’ve coined the new term called expat shoring where we take all the advantages of the previous strategies and alleviate the last issue of cultural and language issues. And simply put, we leverage Canadians and Americans living in low-cost geographies to facilitate the cost savings for organizations.

Having said that, this business process outsourcing strategy can be employed around the world. So you can be an Australian company and you will then leverage Australians living in Cambodia or Vietnam as an example.

Another reason our company’s leveraged outsourcing is that certain companies can simply deliver the services more cost-effectively even having in-house staff – whether it’s IT companies. Most small to medium sized businesses that already do outsourcing with their IT support or computer support and/or their bookkeeping services.

When we talk to business owners, we simply force business owners to really look hard at their business and understand what their core competency is. We can deliver significant cost savings to these small and medium sized businesses. For example, some of these companies that we’re working with are realizing savings of between $10,000 a month up to about $30 to $40 thousand a month. So the savings really depend on the size of the organization.

The other thing I want to mention to is this is not like a theoretical type strategy. This is strategy I’ve been utilizing myself for over 4 and a half years.”

Tursa Group is a Business Process Outsourcing company for small and medium sized business throughout Canada and USA providing BPO services by assigning remote agents as it relates to social media, bookkeeping for organizations, financial reporting, IT support and helpdesk support – a whole variety of different services that small and medium sized businesses need.