Why is Tursa Group Different From Other IT Support and Business Process Outsourcing Companies?

In this video, John Leishman, CEO and owner of Tursa Group explains what makes their organization is different from other IT support and business process outsourcing companies.

Why is Tursa Group different from other IT support companies?

“The biggest difference, I think, is that we’re not married to Microsoft. We don’t view all the IT problems within an organization from a Microsoft lens. For example, in our own BPO organization, we do not use any Microsoft products anymore simply to force us to look at alternative solutions. Having said that, we’re experts in deploying Microsoft environments. We’ve been doing it for over 10 years and in business process outsourcing services to over 4000 companies around Canada and US.

We’re also a big proponent of simplified IT infrastructure. The advantage to the client is less support costs, less hardware costs, and a more reliable network. We’ve come across these small business networks where the previous IT company or the previous IT support person has put in say a cisco router and a managed switch and a small business owner and the company only has like 10 employees and they’re simply using the server as a file server. So the client gets charged for all these hardware and all these labor to set up and maintain this complicated network which really isn’t necessary.

We took on a client recently that had 17 virtual servers and a huge reliability issues. We now have them down to 4 servers and their network is simpler to maintain and more reliable. We still have some more work to do with them but in the next 3 or 4 months, we should have even further simplified their network.

Tursa Group is a Business Process Outsourcing company for small and medium sized business throughout Canada and USA providing BPO services by assigning remote agents as it relates to social media, bookkeeping for organizations, financial reporting, IT support and helpdesk support – a whole variety of different services that small and medium sized businesses need.