3 Main Criteria for Picking Sofware

3 Main Criteria for Picking Software

How can companies pick the best software?

There are 3 main criteria to consider for businesses to be able to pick the best software for their companies.

1. The best software is inevitably web-based.

A lot of companies claim to have web-based software but actually, the software’s client is server-based. This means there’s a piece of software installed on a desktop or laptop, it connects to a database and a server, and then they use terminal services to emulate the web-based application. This allows a business owner to access the software from a browser like from a tablet or a mobile device. But, it’s not truly web-based like what a website is, for example.

The reason it’s important to have web-based software is because it will allow you to have less servers, hardware, and software; thereby, greatly decreasing the costs required to run a web-based software than half the client server architecture.

A lot of companies are providing Software As A Service (SAS). A business owner can subscribe to the web-based software of some companies offering SAS. This prevents the business owner from having headaches that come with having their own internal IT infrastructure; thus, allowing them to reduce their IT costs.

2. The web-based software should have a strong API.

API stands for Application Programming Interface. This allows a business owner to pull data out of the database. So, if you, as a business owner, have an accounting system here and a customer relationship management (CRM) database somewhere else and you want the data to go bi-directional between the two — i.e. you add a new customer to your CRM database and you want to automatically create a new customer to your current database, you want that to happen automatically. You don’t want to do a double data entry. An API allows you to do that.

There are API companies now that do a little bit of coding between accounting and the customer management and all you do is map the fields that you want the bi-directional data flow to happen and they will facilitate that for you.

3. You should have an access to the source code of the software.

This applies to bigger companies. And this becomes a really big event if you’re in a fast changing industry, if your workflows are changing rapidly or if you find yourself in situations where you want to automate the data entry work.