Top Tips for Companies in Choosing the Best Business Software

Picking Out A New Software For Your Company

How can companies best pick their business software? What’s the biggest mistake that companies make when it comes to choosing software?

The biggest mistake that business owners make is they talk to their peers and people in the industry for recommendations on what software they are using . This isn’t necessarily a mistake. It’s just human nature and a good starting point. But the problem is that they take what their peers are using as the only solution when there are a lot of alternative solutions available for them.

Instead of instantly buying whatever software one of their peers recommended, what a business owner should be doing is saying that, “Okay great. That’s one piece of software I am going to evaluate.” The business owner should also be able to ask “What is the newest version of this software available in your industry or cutting edge technology that you can leverage to drive efficiency to your organization?”

The biggest mistake is not doing a proper evaluation of the market place of all the different types of software. And we have another video that we’re putting out that talks about 3 things a company is looking for when choosing software.

Is it expensive or is it cost-effective for people to contact Tursa Group directly to help them pick out a software for their company?

It’s not expensive, not at all. John Leishman, CEO of Tursa Group provides a one-hour free consultation with business owners and they will talk about the current software that particular company is currently using. If they’re interested in doing an analysis in the marketplace, John Leishman will be able to help facilitate that.

It is important to have this discussion to point out all the short-comings of their software, if they’re not aware of that. And how to quickly draft a solution and point them into the right direction.