How Switching to Google Apps Helps Every Business

Julie-Anne De Jong of DeJong & Festa Electric Ltd. and Carly Sandoval of Tursa Group discuss in this video how switching to Google Apps helps every business.


How has switching to Google Apps helped your business?


Switching over to Google Apps, like we use a lot just for sharing documents. I don’t even create documents on my Excel or Word now. I just create them right on Google Docs. And it just makes it so much faster to share with your colleagues and with your supervisors and we’ve created a lot of task sheets on there of what we want to get done and then we can all put in our thoughts on what needs to be done and what’s been completed and we can just all see it at once without. It’s just better communication I find. And it’s yeah, it’s just we did a lot better.


Okay. Thanks Julie-Anne.