The Difficulties And Benefits Of Switching To Cloud-Based BPO Solutions

In this video, Julie-Anne De Jong of DeJong & Festa Electric Ltd. talks about the most difficult part of switching to cloud-based business process outsourcing solutions like Google Apps, VoIP systems, and Zero. These are important and highly beneficial changes in every business, but of course not everybody can make the switch smoothly and without difficulties.


Julie-Anne, what was the hardest part about making these changes that includes Google Apps, your VoIP phone systems, switching to Zero?


Probably switching over to Zero was the hardest just because it is such a vast software to be using and just getting used to something different like QuickBooks has a lot of quick tricks that you can do that might technically not be accurate for your accounting but it just has some quick things that you can easily do where in Zero you have to actually follow the steps and do it properly. So, you have accurate accounting information but that was probably most difficult.

If you were to ask one of my colleagues I know his most difficult thing was switching over to gmail just because he loved his Mac Mail account and it took him a while but now he uses it and now he uses the Google Docs and he loves it.


Perfect. Thank you.

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