How Business Owners Can Leverage Technology To Help Reduce Bookkeeping Costs

What can a business owner do to leverage technology to help reduce bookkeeping costs?

We’ve been working on solving that problem for the last year and a half. And we’ve developed this Data Automation platform that business owners and their staff can use to drive down the actual bookkeeping costs.

For example, you’re a construction worker and you’re going to have to take pictures of invoices that your staff members pick up. You can email it to us and we can extract the data and allow your bookkeeper to code those transaction much faster than waiting for the people to come back in the office daily or weekly.

Our platform works with Quickbooks Desktop Pro, Premiere and Enterprise and it allows your staff to co-transact much faster and also to memorize transactions. So if you’re getting gas receipts, they can be automatically coded to gas expenses.

So the idea is that, hopefully your bookkeepers can spend 50% last time doing data entry work and leveraging the time left over to write more value numbers to you as a business owner.