How The Data Automation Software Can Reduce Bookkeeping Costs For Business Owners

Do you have an example that you can give me on how you reduce the bookkeeping costs for business owners?

There’s one particular client that we’re dealing with. They had two retail stores and a construction company. And the way they did their payroll is they simply entered all the data on a whiteboard and then they enter it to an excele spreadsheet and then they entered it into their accounting system.

And so what we’ve put in place is a web-based app that the staff can have in their phones and they simply entered the hours each day and there’s a management interface with the management’s approval of those hours and it automatically connects to the system and the staff gets paid.

We then pull down the electronic file from the server and then import it to Quickbooks. So, that saved a lot of time a month that were spent around payroll.