April 2016 Newsletter

Proactive Helpdesk Service

Having an employee with a computer that is slow even for a few minutes per day can cost your business on average $1,200.00 per year per employee in lost wages. Imagine the cost when you factor in all your employees in your business. How many employees do you have in your business? How much money are you losing per year?

Our proactive helpdesk service makes sure your network is secure 24/7 and when there is an issue we are alerted by our monitoring software and can remotely access the computer to fix any issues before they become major headaches for your business.  We can monitor the health of your workstations and servers to make sure that your updates have installed, any malicious software is detected and removed, and your antivirus software and patches are updated as they come out. Our service will minimize downtime for you and your employees, which ensures that they are able to focus on what’s important, growing your business! Our Unlimited Remote Helpdesk package is only $29.00/workstation + tax per month for 24/7 computer monitoring and unlimited remote appointments as necessary.

For more information on how our proactive helpdesk service works, click here: http://www.tursagroup.com/proactive-helpdesk-service-2

ZenDesk – Providing the Best Customer Service

Are you looking for ways to improve your relationships and customer service with your clients? Do you want a system that keeps track of client request whether it’s by phone call, tweet, email or live chat? Zendesk is a software that allows you to provide the very best customer service to each one of your clients. The easy to use software also lets you mark tasks for follow up so nothing is missed and allows you to work in multiple tickets at one time. The software also analyzes employee performance to see how quickly a response has been provided and how it compares to similar companies. For more information on how Zendesk works, please click here: http://www.tursagroup.com/zendesk-providing-the-best-customer-service/

Google Keep

Need a way to stay organized that’s easy to use and works across all your devices? Google Keep is a great feature that allows you to make notes from your computer, tablet, or smartphone no matter where you are. Let Google Keep know what you need by using their voice recognition technology so you can tell it what you want to remember and it will note it for you. Make notes on who to call and when, task lists, and store photos for future reference on projects or inspiration ideas. All of your information is stored in one easy to use central place. For more information on how Google Keep works, please click here: http://www.tursagroup.com/google-keep/

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