Bookkeeping Solutions

We are different than most bookkeeping companies.

Our points of differentiation are as follows:

  1. We look at leveraging technology to drive down bookkeeping costs and time.
  2. Our goal is to deliver Key Performance Indicator reports on a regular basis.
  3. We strive to allow decision makers to have the information that they require on their mobile devices, for real time decisions.

Our Methodology

We provide an onsite bookkeeper to take care of the day to day tasks. We also provide a technology solution consultant (at no additional charge), to take a look at how data flows through an Organization. In our initial consultation, we will do a screen share and talk about how data flows through the Accounts Receivable side of the Organization, the Accounts Payable side and how Payroll is run. We then identify bottlenecks, duplicate data entries or other inefficiencies and then draw up a plan to slowly implement changes in the Organization over an agreed upon period of time.

This actionable plan will  drive down bookkeeping costs, speed up data flow in the Organization and provide decision makers with the Key Performance Indicators that they need to make business decisions in REAL Time.

Case Study

Before – 40 hours of bookkeeping work per week. Cost to client $60 000 per year. Paper Driven.

–  After – (12 months later) Significant reduction in  hours of bookkeeping work per week, Real Time key performance indicators, a near paperless environment, ability to run larger portions of the business from the CEOs mobile devices.  Cost to the client $30 000 per year.

We do all the normal services of a bookkeeper as listed below with the ADDITIONAL tasks, as mentioned above:

  • Sales Tax reporting
  • Bank Reconciliations
  • Preparation of Financial Statements
  • Bookkeeping Forensics
  • Preparation of Ledgers
  • Accounts Receivables and Payables
  • Accounting Data Entry
  • HR Payroll

To learn more about how Tursa Group bookkeeping staff can benefit your business,  contact John Leishman  at Tursa Group today at 1-800-985-3853