Cost Savings

Tursa Group offers a unique edge in terms of cost savings, since we utilize a new concept in outsourcing called ‘expat-shoring’. This implies all the benefits of nearshoring (geography, lower wages, similar time zones) while also working with your own highly qualified compatriots living abroad.

By employing Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and expats living in countries like Mexico, Thailand or Africa, where the cost of living is much lower, businesses in North America, Australia or the UK can reduce their staff expenses by more than 50%. As well as making savings on staff wages, employing teleworking expats reduces the expenses of office space, computer equipment and stationery.


    By employing a Business Process Outsourcing Model there are several cost saving advantages that can reduce your overall corporate expenses.

  • Office Space – Staff that work remotely do not need a cubicle or office. Decreased square footage required in leased buildings can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars per month.
  • Computers and Equipment – No need to buy extra desks, printers, computers or even stationary. Virtual Staff use their own computers and require little expenses to complete their tasks assigned to them.
  • Payroll, Federal Taxes, Benefits – Virtual Staff are contractors. Monthly submissions of taxes, dealing with Benefits paperwork and Payroll are a thing of the past.
  • Internal Hiring Departments – By utilizing our company to find, qualify and pre-screen candidates for your organization, you can dedicate that time to other facets of your business.

BPO Cost Breakdown

Monthly administrative costs range can range from $5.0 K – $9.0 K per month per employee when you accumulate Salary, Equipment, Office Space, Benefits and other miscellaneous costs.

A top performing Virtual Staff member with all the qualifications and professionalism you desire, can save you at least 50% in staffing expenses. Potentially saving you $2,500.00 – $4,500.00+ per month.

Eg – Salary Employee Standard Administrator

$3,500.00/month     Base salary
$385.00/month     CPP, EI Contributions 11%
$200.00/month    Benefits package pay out
$1500.00/month     Lease building average $10.00/psf & operating exp. based on office space or cubicle
$500.00/month     Overall desk, printer/cartridges, stationary, phone, equipment maintenance, parking
$150.00/month     Staff refreshments, corporate lunches, promotional items, bonuses, gifts
$6,285.00 x 12 months = $74,820.00 Yearly In House costs
$2200.00 x 12 months = $26,400.00 Yearly Virtual Staff costs
$4,085.00 Savings per month
$48,420.00 Savings in one year

Part Time Staff Member

  • $995.00/month for a part time Virtual Staff Member (20 hours per week)
    Included in the price is the set up to connect to their office (unless hardware is required)
    Monthly rate thereafter is $1,200.00/month

Full Time Staff Member

  • $1800.00/month for a full time admin (40 hours per week)
    Included in the price is the set up to connect to their office (unless hardware is required)
    Monthly rate thereafter is $2,200.00/month

Standard Office Administrator prices are listed. Should you require a specific skill set such as advanced accounting, sales, marketing/advertising, prices will vary depending on qualifications.

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