Business Process Outsourcing – Expat Shoring

BPO, or Business Process Outsourcing, refers to the method of outsourcing certain business procedures to a third-party – that might be payroll administration, accounting, billing or any bookkeeping, customer help desks or call centers, telemarketing, web design, development and maintenance, search engine optimization and social media marketing; the list is endless. The advantages of this is a greater opportunity to concentrate on core tasks within the company, freeing up time usually spent on administrative duties. Companies also enjoy reduced costs associated with in-house staff, such as office space, computer equipment and stationery. Thanks to the latest technology in file-sharing, VOIP telephones, and cloud-based file storage, there are a wide array of business procedures that can be efficiently and expertly outsourced.  The four fields of service we offer are:

What is Expat-Shoring?

Expat shoring means using expats from Canada and The U.S.A. who are living in lower income countries. For example, Tursa Group hires Canadian and American expats who mainly live in Mexico. Our employees are 100% fluent in English because it’s their native language. They are culturally similar and work in the same time-zones. What this means for your business is that when you hire one of our Virtual Assistants, you are hiring someone exactly like who you would hire if you were to have them in your office. It avoids the typical pitfalls of outsourcing where companies are dealing with employees in different time zones, sometimes halfway around the world, where there are communication barriers, and cultural differences that make it hard to work together.