Cloud Bookkeeping Services

Cloud Bookkeeping services helps you manage your data entry, AP, and AR and other bookkeeping needs from anywhere in the world! By taking advantage of cloud bookkeeping softwares you can access your accounting software anywhere there’s an internet connection. You also do not need to spend extra money for software licenses, hardware or data storage. When all your bookkeeping is done through cloud services your bookkeeper can access your software and update your books where ever they are. It helps speed along the process so you always have an accurate idea of what invoices are outstanding, what needs to be paid, and what your business’s financial standing looks like.

At Tursa Group we have state of the art data automation software that can help you automate your data entry processes. By simply scanning or taking a picture of your receipts, invoices, and bank statement it can but uploaded into our software and all the details of the invoice properly pulled out to be verified by you and then pushed into your accounting software. We also offer bookkeeping services for part-time, full-time, or extra help during busy months when you just need an extra hand.