Tursa Group is a business process outsourcer (BPO) that combines the best features of outsourcing and nearshoring to bring our clients greater productivity at a significant saving in staffing cost.

John Leishman, Director of Tursa Group, is a entrepreneur now onto his sixth business and brings the skills from each of these other companies to now benefit Tursa Group. As the CEO and founder of IT trouble-shooting service Geeks On The Way, John discovered some time ago that by using technicians located outside his geographic area, specifically expatriates living abroad, he could tap into highly qualified staff and significantly reduce his operating expenses.  Because this has been so successful for him, John decided to link the qualified expat community abroad with businesses around the world, through his recruitment company Teleworking Expats For Hire – the pioneers of ‘expat-shoring’.  By utilizing this new recruitment concept businesses can save 50% in staffing costs while retaining a high quality of service.

Now Tursa Group combines all these benefits into one low-cost BPO service  – offering a collaborative partnership where our staff can take care of your back office needs, temporarily or permanently, freeing you to focus on the important aspects of your operation and saving your business considerable expense.

Remember that the most successful BPO partnerships come about because of a strong collaborative working relationship. Consider us an extension of your team.