Email Overload – June 2014 Newsletter

Ways to Avoid Email Overload

If you’re like most busy professionals you probably receive more than your share of emails everyday. Email Overload is a real problem that can cause unnecessary stress and lower your productivity. Here are some helpful ways to reduce the amount of emails you receive so you can get back to running your business.

1. Gmail’s priority inbox learns your preferences and categorizes your emails into three groups: Important and Unread, Starred, and Everything Else. It will help you prioritize what’s important so you don’t have to. More Info.

2. If you make a lot of online purchases then you know you will typically receive 3-4 emails regarding your purchase to your inbox. Cut down on the number of emails you receive with the free service, OneReceipt, and keep all of your receipts, online and paper, organized in one central location. More Info.

3. Do you receive a lot of subscription emails? Wish you could unsubscribe to them all at once rather than tediously going through each one? is a service that neatly organizes all yoru subscription emails into one email and then allows you to manage your subscriptions all at once. More Info.