John Leishman

John Leishman, founder of Tursa Group, has a history of successful business ventures ever since he founded his first business at 22 years of age. After graduating in the early 1990s and finding few job prospects in Canada he started a pooper-scooper business with a friend which was so successful he was soon making $55,000 per year for just three days of work per week. Since then he has started businesses in the tourism, hospitality and IT industries, with Tursa Group being the sixth company he has founded.

A few years ago John and his wife were trying to decide where in the world they wanted to live.  Because John knew he could effectively work remotely from anywhere his first thought was to move to the culturally rich country of Belize.  However, John’s wife had other ideas and soon the family moved to Nelson, British Columbia.  But the idea of working remotely from anywhere in the world stuck with John and is the basis for his BPO solutions.  He knew that other talented people from across the world were moving to new countries and that they were probably working in jobs that were not utilizing their specific qualifications.  For the past three years John has hired ‘expats’ from Canada and the USA living in Mexico and found a large amount of success by using talented people based in countries with lower costs of living.  With the start of his latest two companies, Tursa Group and Teleworkingexpats for hire, John is bringing the knowledge and success from his BPO experience to other companies looking to increase profits and efficiency.

John lives in Nelson, BC with his wife and four kids. With a home office inside a 40 year old Airstream overlooking the Purcell mountains, he is the first to admit that he has reaped the rewards of teleworking.