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Live Chat

Are you aware that every day you are giving up easy sales leads from your website?

On average 80% of people who visit your website leave and never come back. The reason why is because they thought you had the answer to their question but they couldn’t find it on your website.

Here are some facts about online behaviour of a potential client*:

  • 60% of people are going online to find out more about products and services
  • 83% of people need help during their investigation online
  • 71% of people expect immediate assistance online
  • 48% will leave the site if you don’t help them

Up to 29% of website visitors can be engaged in conversation. This is an excellent opportunity to generate sales by reaching out to your potential clients before they leave your site and spend their money with your competitor. So how is this achieved? By utilizing a Live Chat Service on your website.

If you don’t engage with your website visitors – YOU LOSE SALES!

Does the Live Chat actually work? It certainly does.

People who engage in the Live Chat with you **:

  • Are 7.5 times more likely to convert into a client compared to the average website visitor
  • Turn into sales on average 24% of the time
  • Spend on average 55% more
  • Are 9.8 times more likely to buy if they are engaged directly by you

“We are getting 3 sales, not leads but sales, a day from using this service. I would recommend the monitored Live Chat solution for anyone who wants to get more sales.”
– John Leishman, President of Tursa Group

Tursa Group can help your business set up a Live Chat on your website to help you engage your customers, increase your qualified sales leads and translate your online visitors into dollars and cents.

We Offer 3 Options:

  • Paid Service – 2 Different Pricing Options Available
  • Pay Per Lead – We will work on a pay per lead basis
  • Percentage Of Sale – We will work on a percentage of Sales Basis

We guarantee that you will generate sales leads from this service!
Take the first step to getting more sales leads – Most of your website visitors are ready to buy – You just need to engage them.