Finance and Bookkeeping

This is an ideal area of your business to outsource, leaving you able to concentrate on core tasks necessary to grow your business. Too many business owners try to do it all, dividing their attention and using their time that could better be spent developing client relations or expanding their enterprise, while larger businesses spend vast sums of money on office space and computer equipment for finance staff that could easily be outsourced to teleworkers. Digital scanners, cameras and the internet mean you no longer need someone in the office to collect and process your receipts. Let Tursa Group handle those tasks and others such as:

  • Bank reconciliation
  • Preparation of financial statements
  • Auditing
  • Preparation of ledgers
  • Accounts receivables and payables
  • Accounting data entry
  • HR payroll

Options for implementing outsourced financial staff:

  1. Augment or replace onsite bookkeeping/finance staff
  2. Provide onsite CFO (Chief Financial Officer) with offsite virtual support
  3. Provide virtual CFO and offsite virtual support

To learn more about how outsourcing financial and bookkeeping staff can benefit your business contact a specialist at Tursa Group today on 1800-985-3853