Managed Networks

Tursa Group can reduce your IT costs, increase your network efficiency and provide you with peace of mind by offering you a full spectrum of Managed Services.

Proactive Computer Network Maintenance and Support

We can control your costs and increase your IT support by breaking down your yearly cost into smaller monthly prices for Unlimited Remote and Onsite Support. Our technicians can monitor your systems and provide support before an IT issue arises with our monitoring software.We can provide fast remote service for any issue you are having as long as an internet connection is available. This means our response times are unmatched and you are back up and running in no time saving your business time and money. Part of what we provide is also Onsite service, when no internet connection is available, or you are having a hardware issue on one of your machines. We will send one of our certified technicians to your business as quickly as possible.

Server and Workstation Network Monitoring

As your IT solutions provider we don’t just wait until there’s a problem to fix it.  We monitor your systems 24/7  with our advanced software.  We are aware of problems before they happen.

Our advanced dashboard alerts us to problems on your network almost immediately– sometimes before you are even aware there’s an issue.  Our system monitors your infrastructure for a number of different issues.  Some of the most common problems we are alerted to immediately are:  Problems with your anti-virus protection,  Windows updates, malicious software, third party applications, hard drive health and CPU temperature.  We receive daily health checks about your systems.  We can provide you with a daily, weekly, or monthly report on the health of your computers. The software is easily installed and is  so quiet and unobtrusive that most of your employees won’t even know it’s there.

Using our advanced dashboard we can actively monitor your infrastructure to keep your business running smoothly. This way we can avoid large problems that will cost you time and money spent away from running your business.

Please contact us for more information on how our service works and for pricing information at [email protected] or by phone at 1-800-985-3853.