Offsite Data Backup

Our Managed Online Backup (MOB) solution will give you peace of mind that your files are stored safely and can be quickly recovered in case they are ever lost or damaged.

The software uses a hybrid cloud architecture to manage both your local and cloud based backups. This will help you protect your physical and virtual machines, back up your files or applications from a machine level, and protect files and folders for Exchange, MS SQL, MySQL, system state and network shares.

The data is stored in certified data centers around the world. You have full control of which country your data is stored in and where it will stay over the duration of your backup. Your information is encrypted with an Advanced Encryption Standard 128-bit encryption in motion and at rest. We guarantee a 99.999% uptime, 24/7 physical security, and the data centers are SSAE compliant or ISO certified.

Our software will protect your data and keep your business running even if you accidentally deleted one file or in the event of a natural disaster that wipes out all your files all together. Our MOB will get you back up and running fast so you can get back to what you do best– running your business.

Offsite data back up:Backup your data to an offsite storage facility over the internet. Low cost, effective and hassle-free.

Monthly costs:

Under 2.0GB $5.00
Up to 20GB $20.00
20GB – 49GB $30.00
50GB-99GB $60.00
100GB-149GB $90.00
150GB-199GB $135.00
200GB-299GB $180.00
300GB-499GB $270.00
500GB-750GB $375.00
751GB-1000GB $450.00
1TB+ $0.40 per GB