If you have ever used Skype to make a phone call then you’ve used Voice over IP (VOIP). The way the service functions on a user level is essentially the same as using a conventional land line telephone. However, you may be surprised to learn there are a number of benefits to using VOIP over a traditional phone system.

The true value of a VOIP (voice over IP address) system is the flexibility to manage your own phone network. The Asterisk VOIP phone system allows management to make changes to the system, add or remove handsets or users with just the click of a mouse. You can customize routing and messaging, hold music and IVR messaging for your own system. You have unlimited conference call options and you can connect your cell phone to your phone server to eliminate long distance charges on your cell phone bill. Using a built-in dashboard you can see who’s phone is online, if it’s in use, and who they are on a call with. It has the flexibility to minimize or eliminate the need for telephone hardware since you can run your phone system off your PC or Mac using a software based telephone and a headset connected to your computer. VOIP also allows you to easily record incoming and outgoing calls to a hard drive to be used later for training or documentation purposes.

Long distance charges can really add up. How much does your company spend monthly on long distance calls? One of the other benefits of using a VOIP system for your business is that it will cut down significantly on your long distance charges. Whether you are a company with multiple locations in different cities and you need to manage your costs for internal phone calls or you do business with people in different cities or countries.

VOIP telephone service also makes telecommuting easier because your phone line can be redirected to any computer with an internet connection. The benefits of this are far reaching and will allow your staff to work from home once in awhile or full time and will minimize down time if one of your employees’ car breaks down or they are snowed in. Your business can run as usual.

At Tursa Group we know VOIP solutions can save your company time and money because we use VOIP phones everyday. In fact, our employees all work from home and are spread out internationally in 3 different countries. If you’ve ever called us, you probably didn’t notice any difference between our phone systems and traditional land lines.

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