Our Virtual Administrative Assistant Services

Where Our Candidates Live

Millions of highly qualified expats choose to live internationally, but locating stimulating employment in another country can be difficult. Many are working as a virtual administrative assistant as the solution. As teleworking professionals living nearshore, they are able to extend their careers working for companies back home, while at the same time experiencing the adventure of living abroad in countries like Mexico, South Africa, Thailand or Indonesia. By choosing a teleworking professional you have a world of dedicated candidates for administrative support at your fingertips, eager to pursue their chosen careers while living abroad. We are able to match these highly qualified candidates to your organization. Not only will you benefit from virtual staffing help at half the price, our experience has proven that expats from Canada and the United States are more dedicated to making us one of the best virtual assistant companies around.

Connection To You

Not sure how the technology works? Leave that up to us! We can make it seem as though your virtual administrative assistant is sitting in the next room. Whether your expat teleworking professional is based in Mexico City, Bangkok or Johannesburg, you’ll have crystal clear telephone conversations, streamed video conferencing, and networked documents and programs through our nearshore outsourcing services. Using a VOIP connection, we can route calls intended for your company directly to your teleworking expat, regardless of where they are located. Stay ahead of the competition by utilizing the latest communication technology to deliver you qualified, expat virtual administrative assistant services and a saving of 50 per cent on your staffing costs as well as reducing your carbon footprint on the environment.

Full-Time Or Part-Time

We search the globe to find qualified, professional virtual administrative support to suit your business requirements – from administrative staff, to sales or marketing experts – even legal services! Whether you need that person full time or part time, our team of recruitment staff will work with you to ensure your projects are completed by a qualified virtual administrative assistant, at half the price you would expect to pay.