Proactive Helpdesk Service

Did you know that your amount of time an employee loses due to issues with their computers can be over a week and a half of downtime per year? That’s a full week and a half of productivity, sales, and wages gone simply because your employee is having trouble with their computers. On average an employee has 16 minutes of downtime per day because of things like viruses, errors, updates, etc.

How much money are you losing per year?

Our Proactive Network Security and Maintenance Package makes sure your network is secure 24/7 and when there is an issue we are alerted by our monitoring software and can remotely access the computer to fix any issues before they become major headaches for your business. We can monitor the health of your workstations and servers to make sure that your updates have installed, any malicious software is detected and removed, and your antivirus software and patches are updated as they come out. Our service will minimize downtime for you and your employees, which ensures that they are able to focus on what’s important, growing your business! OurProactive Network Security and Maintenance Package is only $29.00/workstation + tax per month and $99.00/server + tax per month for 24/7 computer monitoring and unlimited remote appointments as necessary.


What does the package include?

Monthly Packages Proactive Network and Maintanece Security Package
Per Workstation/month + tax $29.00
Apply Security Patches for Operating System
Apply Security Patches for Software
Check For Hacker Attempts
Proactive Virus Alerts and Cleaning
Proactive Malware Alerts and Cleaning
Daily Workstation Health Check
Daily Server Health Check
Alerts for Insufficient Hard Drive Space
Network Device Vulnerability Checks
Mobile Device Management
Printer Setups/Troubleshooting
Computer Tune up/Clean ups
Email Troubleshooting
Software Installs
Operating System Issues
Virus and Spyware Removal
Optimizing your Computer
Answering common usage questions