Why it makes more sense to Partner with Tursa Group than hire a second or third IT staff member.

I see you are looking for an IT person to complement your Organization. We have supplemented quite a few Companies where they have an IT Manager or CIO and we provide the Helpdesk support. This works out quite well for several reasons:


  1. We can provide the support for less cost than hiring someone in house.

  2. We are open 7 days per week, 363 days per year.

  3. You get a TEAM of professionals with different skill sets brought to your Organization.

  4. We help your IT Manager with strategic planning and leveraging technology throughout the Company.

  5. We provide an Operational Efficiency Audit where we look at how data flows through your Company and then see if tools such as Robotic Process Automation, Artificial Intelligence and software tools can bring about cost savings in Operations.

  6. NO RISK. We operate on a month to month contract. We have to prove our value every month. If you do not feel we provide the value that you are looking for, then hire someone in house.


We have some innovative ideas that we could bring to Your Company.  We  would like to understand what challenges your Company is facing, and to see if technology and our experience could be leveraged to assist in resolving Your Company challenges.

Case Study

Fulfillment Company

  • Allowed to focus on software development work and long term strategy

  • Provided advice and support on a wide range of issues and challenges as they related to Technology

Retail Operations

  • Allowed Client to focus on development work

  • Allowed the Client to focus on Project work, such as roll out of ERP 

Health and Medical Research Facility

  • Allowed in house staff to work on change management as a result of technology changes

  • Diverse skill set brought to Organization to help solve sophisticated technological challenges

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