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Digital Transformation
Business Process Improvement Consulting
Our methodology is as follows:
  • We look at how data flows through an Organization, from when and how, your Organization receives the Sales or Purchase Order, to when the Service is Invoiced to the Customer.

  • We will also look at what software is used in the Organization and how Staff use that software.

  • We will then build a 3-18 month Action plan to implement Technology Solutions that will help drive efficiencies throughout the Organization.

  • We will also act as Change Management facilitators to ensure that the Action plan, that has been agreed to by all stakeholders, is supported in a positive and supportive environment.

Business Process Improvement Consulting
Case Study 

Oil and Gas Service Company

  • Reduced Operational Costs by 5%

  • Developed competitive advantage with new technology platform

  • Currently Working on Increasing Sales

Transportation Company

  • Installed Hybrid Field Ticketing Solution

  • Reduced Accounts Receivable Outstanding from 80 days to 40 days

Engineering Company

  • Decrease Operational costs by 6%

  • Increased Efficiency of billable staff from 70% to 80%

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