Tursa Group is seeking a Help Desk/IT Support Tech to work remotely from home to support their residential and business clientele. Must have a home computer with a valid Windows 10 MS Operating system, high speed internet and a quiet place to work. Fluent oral and written English is required along with great customer service skills, and the ability to work well both with a team and unsupervised in a fast paced environment.

Experience with the following:
PC and peripheral installations and config.(standalone or networked)
Experience with Mac, Win 10 and MS Office applications
Windows 2013 - Windows Server 2016
Linux, Exchange, EC2 Instances, Google Apps, Ubuntu, VOIP (Optional but preferred)
Plus various networking and application software.

This is a full time contract position. We do not withhold any taxes. We will provide you with a USB Headset, VOIP Phone, UPS, and reimburse you for your monthly internet costs. To apply for this role, please visit https://www.tursagroup.com/application-page and select “Remote Support Computer Technician” from the drop down menu.

Wage for this position begins at $36,150.00 Pesos per month with an increase after 3 months. Two weeks paid vacation and paid sick time is also included. Paid additional training for various courses to advance your existing skill sets is also provided throughout the year.