MSP Tech Stack

Autotask RMM


Datto Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) is a fully-featured, secure, cloud-based platform which enables MSPs to remotely monitor, manage, and support endpoints, reducing costs and increasing service delivery efficiency.

Data Gathered

  • Bad Sectors Hard Drives

  • Antivirus/Patch status

  • Data from Routers/Switches

  • BSOD info

  • Software/Hardware Audits

  • RAID/Temp/Power monitoring on servers


  • Reduce Employee Downtime

  • Reduce Network Downtime

  • Mitigate security risks

Autotask PSA


Datto’s Autotask Professional Services Automation (PSA) is a powerful and intuitive cloud-based PSA platform providing a singular view of the entire business - enabling MSPs to centralize business operations and make data-driven decisions to improve service, productivity and profitability.

Data Gathered

  • User Support Requests

  • Automated ticketing from RMM monitoring

  • Automated ticketing from 3rd party portals via email


  • Do certain staff need training to increase their productivity

  • Is there a pattern of Support requests around certain software or remote access that need looking into

Backup Reporting


Reporting into RMM for Reporting

Data Gathered

Failures and successes


  • Ensure data is backed up

  • Reporting is “pushed” and tracked by IT



Dashboards, KPIs and Custom Reporting

Data Gathered

Data from any software applications to give insights to Management to


Data driven decision making to increase profitability


Phishing simulations

to “test” staff’s ability to detect phishing attempts. This will help with the education of staff, on how not to be fooled by phishing attempts that try to gain corporate information.

Data Gathered

Test Users ability to differentiate between legitimate and fraudulent emails


  • Prevent Users passwords from being compromised through Phishing and social engineering. 

  • Minimize ability for Ransomware, Data Theft and Fraudulent Financial Transactions.

Dark Web ID


Dark Web Monitoring

We utilize a 3rd party service that monitors email addresses and passwords for sale on the Dark Web. If one of your company's emails is for sale, we will contact you immediately and advise you to change your password.

Data Gathered

Compromised email addresses and passwords in 3rd party websites.


  • Passwords can be changed BEFORE malicious entities try to obtain access to Users Accounts such as Office 365/Gsuite or Network Accounts.
    Minimize ability for Ransomware, Data Theft and Fraudulent Financial Transactions.

IT Glue


Find, track and know everything with our award-winning, SOC 2-compliant documentation management platform features, specifically for IT documentation.

Data Gathered

  • Passwords, workflows, internal documentation.


  • Secure place to store sensitive information.
    Documentation is saved in a structured way and shared with appropriate staff in a secure manner.

Keeper is the top-rated personal and business password manager for protection from password-related data breaches and cyberthreats.

Data Gathered

  • None


  • Enforces strong passwords and Multi Factor Authentication which minimizes ability for Ransomware, Data Theft and Fraudulent Financial Transactions.
    Employees do not have to remember complex passwords



When all your software and hardware asset data is aggregated in one central place, it’s even easier to make smart decisions. Drive consistency by viewing software and hardware data side-by-side: by organization, hardware type or on device level view.

Data Gathered

  • Hardware Specifications of all Computers/Servers.
    Software Specifications on all Computers/Servers.


  • 3-4 Year Budgeting of Hardware replacement
    Easier tracking of software licensing

Webroot DNS Protection


Secure your DNS connection against cyberattacks, get total visibility into web usage, and enforce acceptable web usage policies to reduce security risk. The Web Protection feature is customizable to each computer in your organization. We can set the rules for what your employees are able to access from a central location. We can also adjust the protection for your specific needs so that each user has customized access on the internet or set it so all users are protected in the same way. Protect Users from known malicious websites

Data Gathered

  • Who is being steered to known malicious sites.


  • Training of Staff on identifying malicious sites to prevent data loss or Identity loss.

Webroot Endpoint Protection


Optional - Antivirus and Anti Malware software (Or use your own Corporate Anti Virus and Anti Malware)

Data Gathered

  • Virus and malware quarantined or that require additional removal techniques.


  • Decrease chance of ransomware, viruses and other malicious tools of infiltrating network.
    Increase uptime for Users.
    Increase uptime of Network.