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Questions To Ask Prospective Technology Partners

So you are looking for a Calgary IT Services Firm?

Download the free Form we have created that lists the top questions you should ask a prospective new IT Services Firm. (and the Correct Answers!)

  • It is difficult to know what questions to ask an IT Services Firm unless you are an IT Firm yourself!

  • Choosing the right Calgary IT Services Firm is an important relationship.

  • Give your Organization the best chance for success in hiring the right IT Partner.

Questions to Ask Prospective Technology Partners

Questions to Ask Prospective Technology Partners

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Sample Questions

  • Do they offer a complete solution, never outsourcing any part of their help-desk?

  • Do they provide unlimited remote and on-site support?

  • Do they ask for feedback and follow up with improvements?

  • Will they help you become a firm that leverages cutting edge technology to give you a competitive advantage in the market?

Download For Free

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