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Co-managed IT Support

Co-Managed IT Support

We help fill in the knowledge gap in your IT team and free up your staff to focus on Strategic Assignments and User Support.

Run your department faster, with more up time, by linking your IT service desk to ours. Our Co-Managed IT Services will save you both time and money and give you visibility on the service issues you regularly deal with.

Co-managed IT support is a collaborative approach to IT management

Are you...

  • Always swamped with daily tickets and emergencies?

  • Stuck for time to get all IT tasks completed?

  • Overwhelmed with daily tasks that there is no time for other IT projects?

  • Concerned about vacation or sick time?

  • Maxed out on headcount due to current business results?

  • Reluctant to upgrade software as its too expensive and complex?

Advantages of Co-Managed Technology Support

Support when internal IT staff are on vacation or sick

  • A team of support when required (not just 1-2 people)

  • A second opinion on Technology Strategy

  • Support on Project rollouts

  • Broader skill set available to your Organization

  • Access to Enterprise tool sets to give you the data to make better business decisions around your IT strategy and allocation of IT resources

  • Virtual CIO Services

  • Business Analyst Services

  • Potentially Greater Support Hours

  • Ability to hire a Junior internal technician which will save you operational costs


  • Strategic 3 Year Technology Roadmap

  • Complimentary Skillset

  • Lighten Your Teams Load

  • Coverage Every Day of the Week 

  • Different Viewpoints

  • Cyber Security Skillsets


  • Enterprise Technology Stack

  • End to End solutions

  • Proactively Monitor Systems/Security

  • Eliminate Vulnerabilities

  • Cyber security tools, audit & remediation

  • Management Reporting and KPIs


  • ​Adaptable Resource

  • Increase Productivity and Efficiency

  • Implement Proven Best Practice

  • Flexible Transparent contracts

 Don't Worry, It's As Easy As:

Initial Discussion

Assessment & Agreement

Transition & Go Live

Our Co-Managed IT Support Service Includes




Cyber Security



3rd Party Application Support

Monitoring & Notifications

Governance & Compliance

We have supplemented many companies that have an IT Manager or CIO and we provide the Helpdesk support. This works out very well for several reasons:

  1. We can provide the support for less cost than hiring someone in house.

  2. We are open 7 days per week, 363 days per year.

  3. You get a TEAM of professionals with different skill sets brought to your Organization.

  4. We help your IT Manager with strategic planning and leveraging technology throughout the Company.

  5. We provide an Operational Efficiency Audit where we look at how data flows through your Company and then see if tools such as Robotic Process Automation, Artificial Intelligence and software tools can bring about cost savings in Operations.

  6. NO RISK. We operate on a month to month contract. We have to prove our value every month. If you do not feel we provide the value that you are looking for, then hire someone in house.


We have some innovative ideas that we could bring to Your Company.  We  would like to understand what challenges your Company is facing, and to see if technology and our experience could be leveraged to assist in resolving Your Company challenges.

Onboarding Process

Tursa Group has a comprehensive Onboarding Process. We want to make sure we capture all your organization’s, and your staff’s requirements, and then build out a plan to meet those requirements.

Initial Consultation with Client

What are their concerns and Interests?

  • Security/Dark Web

  • Cloud technology

  • Productivity

  • Remote access/workers

  • Business Continuity

Walk through how technology is used from marketing all the way through to billing a client. (High Level)

  • Marketing

  • Sales

  • Operations

  • Financial

  • Communications

  • Training

  • KPIs/Metrics

Proposal Presented

  • Adjustments made based on feedback and discussion 

  • Contract signed and first payment made

Operations - Technical Onboarding and Documentation - First 45 Days

  • Deploy agents and Anti Virus

  • Helpdesk cards mailed out

  • Pictures taken of all Server/Networking Equipment for documentation

  • Combination of Survey and Phone calls with staff to understand pain points and technical issues they are having

  • Complete IT Onboarding Checklist

Technical Analysis - First 45 Days

  • Analysis of hardware, software, security risks, backups, business continuity and develop a plan

  • Report given back to client with software and hardware specs

  • Report given back to client with requests from staff and issues they are facing

  • Network Diagram Built

  • Implementation and training plan presented to client

Build out 1 and 3 year IT Procurement Plan for Budgeting -  45-60 Days

  • Include requests from staff balanced against real need

  • Include equipment that will simply become obsolete or hamper productivity of staff

Operational Efficiency Audit - 90 + Days 

  • Look at how data flows through the Company from Marketing to eventual billing of  a Client

  • Talk to stakeholders in each Division of the Company

  • Identify software being used and look for integrations and underutilized features

  • Understand KPIs and important Metrics in more detail

  • Present solution to Client with associated Timeline  to Implement (Technology Roadmap)


Typical Setup

Without Managed IT Services and Support

Managed With Tursa Tech Stack

CoManaged IT  Cyber Security Software Tech Stack.png

Our Co-Managed Technology Partners

Co-managed support is a cost-effective alternative to hiring additional full-time IT staff.

You pay for the services you need, reducing overhead.

With co-managed IT support, you save on overhead costs, stress, and time. We're here to monitor your systems, so you can focus on your business.

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