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Cyber Security Training

Cost-effective cyber security awareness training and simulation platform for employees

Our Cyber Security Training Platform

Forbes provided a study that shows companies who have cyber security training in place reduce their cyber risk from 60% down to around 10%. At Tursa Group we provide fully managed in-depth cyber security training and phishing simulations for employers to test their staff’s knowledge and awareness online to reduce cyber risks.

NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology)

Our cyber security training platform follows and adheres to the National Institute of Standards and Technology framework.

Who should have cyber security training


Every company that operates online should have some sort of cyber security training program in place for their employees. We offer different types of cyber security awareness training depending on the departments your employees work in (ex. A software developer will have a different testing and training platform than a finance executive). A study suggests that around 70% of IT companies don’t provide training or education for their clients. Tursa Group stands out as a leading managed IT provider, as we include cyber security training in our managed services.

What happens when someone fails a test?


When an employee opens a phishing email, scans a QR code inserts a USB stick etc., they automatically are enrolled into our cyber security training course in which they have to pass to move on with their day. The course involves a 1-3 minute informational video, followed by a series of 3-4 questions to keep things simple and the workday flowing. The admin of your company then receives a dashboard of who failed, and if they’ve successfully passed our training video.

Cyber security training we cover:​​

​​Why is cyber security training important?

Cyber security training is very important in this day and age since everything is running online. The cyber security training we provide is targeted for all employees, but especially for those who work close to the finances of a company. Our goal with our cyber security training program is to train your employees to have a healthy level of distrust when working on clicking links, visiting websites, or even answering phone calls.


We work alongside your outsourced

or in-house IT team

We work alongside your in-house department or outsourced IT company to provide your company with cyber security training. Our process would involve a short meeting to understand what implementations your company has in place, we would give you a run down on what we will target. Tursa Group provides custom cyber security training and simulations based on the needs of your company, and thinks outside the box when it comes to different ways to test your employees (ex. QR codes, USB sticks, phone numbers etc.). Our goal is not to compete with your current IT provider or in-house department, but only to provide you with quality cyber security training for the benefit of your company.

Simulation training

KPI dashboard


Fully managed

Protect Your Business

Contact us to inquire or to learn more about our fully managed cyber security training service. Our custom plans are tailored to your business needs.

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