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Tursa Group chose EasyDMARC for email cyber security, as it offers a comprehensive DMARC solution, providing us with a way to monitor your records and generate reports through its platform. While the DMARC analyzer and free tools support you at the outset, EasyDMARC's platform excels with Testing and Reporting features and Managed Solutions. EasyDMARC allows us to stay informed at every stage with the Reporting and Analyzing solutions, ensuring thorough coverage throughout your DMARC implementation journey.


Remove "https://www. /" when scanning your domain.

(ex. "", rather than "")


What Is Domain-based Message Authenticator Conformance (DMARC)

DMARC is a vital email authentication protocol that empowers organizations to protect their brand and enhance email security. By setting policies for handling unauthorized emails and receiving reports on authentication failures, DMARC helps prevent domain spoofing and phishing attacks, ensuring a safer and more trustworthy email environment.

What Is Sender Policy Framework (SPF)

SPF is a crucial email authentication method that prevents email spoofing by specifying authorized mail servers for your domain. By publishing SPF records in your DNS settings, you ensure that recipient servers can verify the authenticity of emails sent from your domain, enhancing email security and reputation while minimizing the risk of spam or phishing attacks.

What Is DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM)

DKIM is an essential email authentication method that adds a digital signature to outgoing emails. By verifying the sender's identity and ensuring message integrity, DKIM enhances email security, boosts deliverability, and safeguards domain reputation against spoofing and tampering.

What Is Brand Indicators for Message Identification (BIMI)

BIMI is a valuable email authentication standard that enables brands to display their logos alongside authenticated emails in recipients' inboxes. By publishing a BIMI record and providing a verified logo in SVG format, organizations can enhance brand recognition, build trust with recipients, and differentiate their emails from fraudulent or spam messages. Implementing BIMI not only strengthens email security but also improves engagement by offering recipients a visual cue of authenticity, ultimately enhancing brand visibility and reputation in the inbox.

EasyDMARC Logo


Why Tursa Group Chose EasyDMARC

Domain Security

Establish robust domain-level defense mechanisms to fortify your domain against phishing, spoofing, and Business Email Compromise (BEC) threats. Streamline your email authentication processes by automating tasks such as monitoring, alerting, and reporting, empowering proactive defense measures.


Effortlessly and efficiently take charge of your email domain's global usage, even without technical expertise. Quickly delve into your sending sources and enjoy peace of mind with streamlined investigations, ensuring comprehensive oversight and control.


Rely on our automated and managed solutions to verify and validate your legitimate sending sources, effectively thwarting any attempts at brand impersonation. Simplify your DMARC journey with ease, ensuring robust protection and peace of mind for your organization.


Ensure your email campaigns reach your customers' inboxes reliably, enhancing sales through the delivery of authentic messages that foster credibility and trust. Stay informed promptly about any blacklist occurrences, safeguarding your sender reputation and maintaining uninterrupted communication channels with your audience.



DMARC Failure (Forensic) Reports

Pinpoint the underlying reasons for DMARC failures by conducting focused source investigations.

DMARC Aggregate Report

Evaluate your DMARC XML reports using a straightforward and user-friendly dashboard.

DMARC Aggregate Report GeoMaps

Enhance your visibility by gaining insights into your email sending traffic across different countries, providing you with a clear understanding of your email distribution.



Leverage EasyDMARC's managed solution to resolve the "too many DNS lookups" permerror efficiently.

Managed DMARC

Achieve DMARC compliance seamlessly right from your EasyDMARC dashboard.

Managed BIMI

Easily publish and oversee your personalized BIMI record directly from the EasyDMARC dashboard.


SPF Record Checker

Verify whether your domain has an SPF record and assess its setup for accuracy and effectiveness.

SPF Record Generator

Automatically generate an SPF record for your domain to prevent syntax errors and ensure seamless implementation.

SPF Record Raw Checker

Verify the accuracy of your SPF record prior to publishing to mitigate any potential misconfigurations.


DKIM Record Checker

Examine your domain's DKIM record for a specific selector and detect any potential issues or discrepancies.

DKIM Record Generator

Enter your domain along with the desired selector and key length to generate a DKIM record automatically.


DMARC Record Checker

Verify your domain's DMARC record to detect any potential issues or misconfigurations.

DMARC Record Generator

Provide your domain, specify the required policy, and input any other necessary details to generate a customized DMARC record.


BIMI Record Checker

Verify your domain's DMARC record to detect any potential issues or misconfigurations.

BIMI Record Generator

Enter your domain and asset locations to effortlessly generate a BIMI record automatically.

BIMI SVG Logo Converter

Conveniently retrieve your logo and convert it into BIMI-compatible SVG Tiny P/S format effortlessly.

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