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Meet The Team

Tursa Group has been established since 2002. We have serviced over 4000 + Companies across Canada and the USA and have performed over 200 000 + Service calls (not including Support Tickets). We currently have staff in Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Kelowna, Halifax, Victoria, Prince George, Vancouver, Grande Prairie, Nanaimo, Russia, and Mexico. We operate 7 days per week. We have one of the best company cultures that we are aware of. We gave up our “Physical Office”in Calgary 10 years ago. We have a virtual company and pick the best staff that we can, irrespective of geography. We enjoy challenging the status quo and we are constantly “curious”. Learning new ways of doing existing processes, trying new cutting edge ideas and learning from the ensuing process so that we can pass those learnings on to our Clients. We have  Helpdesk staff, Call Center staff and Onsite Technicians.


We are a Technology Partner that takes the time to understand what your goals and plans are for your Organization. We then build a road map that leverages technology to help you achieve those goals. We provide Peace of Mind to C-Level Executives and increase employee productivity with our creative solutions. We also help companies migrate from Desktop Applications to SaaS applications with a proven methodology. We work with you as a CIO, and Strategic Partner to ensure that your Organization has a forward thinking Technology Strategy.

If you are looking for an IT Partner that thinks outside the box and challenges the status quo, then look no further and give us a call for a conversation and coffee.

John Leishman 

John Leishman 

John started up the Company in 2002. Tursa has evolved over the years into a cutting edge Managed Services Provider that also offers Business Process Improvement Services. His experience in a variety of industries can be leveraged to help your Company.

Lori Larson

Lori Larson
Chief Executive Officer

Lori has been with the company since 2007. What does she do? Well just about everything! She is the only person we know that can successfully juggle 17 balls, make sure customers and staff are happy and she does it all with a big smile and an enviable amount of patience.

Daniel Collett

Daniel Collett
Chief Technical Officer

Daniel has been with Tursa since 2003. There is no problem too difficult for Daniel to solve. His easy going demeanor belies a razor sharp understanding of technology and an ability to come up with innovative solutions to complex problems.

Client Relations Manager

James is one of 3 CSR's that work on our team. He is our Client Relations Manager, and helps with a variety of internal projects. His sense of humour keeps us laughing all day long.

Fernando Murray

Fernando Murray
Virtual Facilitator & Consultant

Fernando is a seasoned business consultant located in Nelson, BC, who has been helping organizations to develop leadership and facilitation skills since 2000. Fernando has been developing virtual approaches to support remote work among teams, and training managers, educators, facilitators and consultants to work virtually.

Corporate Services Associate

In 2014 Cecilia joined our company as a CSR. Her quick wit, excellent customer service skills and ability to learn new software has made her a great addition to our team.

Remote Service Technician

With over a decade of IT Support, Sergio joined us in September 2016. His extensive experience in previous Helpdesk Roles has had a positive impact on the quality of support to our clients.

Remote Service Technician

Jeff joined our family in early 2017 as one of our Remote Support Computer Technicians. He has 3 decades of IT Support that he brings to our company.

Technical Support Assistant

David brings a varied background to his role as Technical Support Assistant. His many skills are an asset to Tursa Group and our Clients.


Torin Graham

Torin had a great 'can-do attitude' which has not only served our clients well, but has shown the rest of the Tursa team how versatile he can be. He tackles anything that's thrown his way, and has grown his programming skills very quickly since joining us in early 2021.

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Steve Fisher
Digital Transformation Advisor

With a Bachelor of Commerce and 30 years of leadership under his belt, Steve has seen and overcame most challenges in business.  Building and scaling a business is extremely difficult and leveraging digital technologies to automate and improve processes is crucial in today’s competitive market.


Darragh Hardy
Digital Transformation Advisor

Darragh is passionate about helping clients make better business decisions. With 25 years of experience in the communications industry in various senior executive roles, Darragh 

has a proven track record in company performance, business development, client success and talent management. Darragh spent most of his career in fast moving 

and dynamic markets in Asia, including China, Japan, and Singapore. Darragh moved to Nelson BC in 2010 with his family, where he now consults with local companies and 

businesses to help them succeed with their initiatives and goals.

Clee Roy Profile pic.jpg

Clee Roy
Digital Transformation Advisor

Clee Roy is a results-driven finance professional with 30 years of diverse international business experience. This has encompassed business consulting, financial reporting, system implementations, business strategy, credit risk management, mergers and acquisitions, and management training presentations. This is supported by professional training in accounting and auditing, and excellent analytical, organizational, decision making, team building, interpersonal and communication skills. Clee worked with the KAST DER3 digital transition team in 2020 and 2021, helping over 300 Kootenay businesses with digital transition strategies.

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Onsite Technicians

  • Graham

  • Kevin

  • Jesse

  • Jon

  • Damien

  • Robert

  • Tony

  • Malcolm

  • Brent

Our company philosophy is about leading by example. We use cloud based technology and software to run our business. We feel it is important to have a balanced work/life ratio. This means not working more than 40 hours per week, and if you can reduce the workweek to 35 hours per week, we would consider you a progressive Organization.

We believe that family is more important than business and we can show you how to create a better work/life balance for you and your employees.

We believe in treating all our associates in the way we would want to be treated, this includes vendors, customers and staff. This simply means we strive to treat everyone fairly and with compassion, empathy and dignity.

We have a passion for Technology. Call us today at 1-800-985-3853 to have a conversation with John Leishman to discuss your organization's long term goals.

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