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Managed IT Services Calgary

We provide managed IT services to companies in Calgary. Our team of professionals are ready to tackle your technology needs.

What Are Managed IT Services In Calgary

Our managed IT services in Calgary assist your business with IT support and cyber security. We offer around the clock monitoring and have staff working 7 days a week to make sure your computers and operating systems are in top working order to keep your company running smoothly. Here is just some of what is included when choosing managed IT services from Tursa Group:​

Unlimited remote help desk support

We provide unlimited remote support for when you are experiencing issues with your operating systems. Our techs are quick to respond to keep your day running efficiently.

Cyber security (NIST framework)

We provide your organization with cyber security that follows the National Institute of Standards and Technology.

Data backup and recovery

We ensure your data is backed up in the case of an emergency so you never lose your information.

Network and server management

We set up and administer your network and constantly troubleshoot it to make sure things are running as they should.

24/7 account monitoring

Our systems monitor your account 24/7 to detect and isolate potential online threats.

Managed IT Service Provider In Calgary vs In-House Department

While hiring someone in-house to monitor IT and cyber security for your organization, the decision can be costly, and take time. A few things to keep in mind are:


Vacation or sick days

Hiring new techs

Cost of software and management platforms

When choosing a Calgary managed IT service provider like us, not only are we more cost efficient, but we also provide you with all the software/tools and support 7 days per week, and can easily scale with your business as your company grows. Let us manage your IT service needs so you can go back to running your business in Calgary.

Outsourced IT services Calgary

When choosing to outsource your IT and cyber security to a Calgary managed IT service provider like Tursa Group, we help your staff  stay secure online so your organization can stay efficient and reputable. When choosing a managed service provider you can forget about salaries, buying IT software, and managing infrastructure. We take proactive measures to provide your Calgary business with increased cyber security through network monitoring, patch management, phishing simulations, cyber security training, and providing you with top of the line IT and helpdesk support.

Reduce time

  • Reduce your time managing, a team or department, and let us handle your IT and cyber security needs.


Tailored solutions

  • We believe every business needs a custom plan tailored to their specific technical needs and user needs.

Designed for SME’s

  • We understand that some small and medium sized Calgary enterprises may not have the budget for internal  IT staff, and that’s why we have more cost effective solutions, than the average IT service provider while providing more services and increased cyber security.

Managed IT support Calgary

Managing your own IT department in Calgary can be filled with stress and can be time consuming. When choosing to partner with a managed IT support company in Calgary, you receive a team of professionals when needed, and around the clock monitoring. Managed IT service providers will take care of your technical difficulties, and cyber security to keep your business running effectively. We will make sure your organization is getting the IT support services you need and that you are up to the National Institute of Standards and Technology to mitigate the risk of becoming compromised.

24/7, 363

  • We work 7 days per week and 363 days per year to provide you with IT support when you need it. Additionally, our systems monitor you network to detect and eliminate threats 24 hours a day



  • We follow the National Institute of Standards and Technology framework to ensure your company is compliant with today's cyber security standards.

Onsite IT services

  • We offer on call techs that can be deployed to your work station to assist you with any physical technical issues.

Are Managed IT services necessary?

Managed IT services allow Calgary businesses to remain running efficiently and staying ahead of online threats. Our team at Tursa Group will provide your organization with a custom IT managed services plan to suit your company's needs and budget. We will provide your organization with all the tools and knowledge to remain cyber secure to avoid viruses, phishing, ransomware and more. 

More time working

  • We will minimize any downtime caused by technology so your company can remain productive.

Virus and malware

  • We monitor your desktops, laptops, and servers for any suspicious activity.

Change management

  • We will work closely with your employees to make sure they understand the new tools we provide your organization with.

24/7 Monitoring

20+ years experience

custom IT solutions

Managed IT Services For Every Industry

Oil and Gas

Tursa Group is very familiar with the oil and gas industry in Calgary and the software they use, therefore we can offer a lot of value when it comes to providing managed IT services to the industry.

Health Care

We understand that the health care sector, has more stringent cyber security needs than other industries and as a result needs top of the line managed IT services to keep the work environment running smoothly and secure. Our managed IT services and cyber security are tailored to your needs in order to provide you with the most effective solutions.


We have provided managed IT services to many construction companies in Calgary and have become very knowledgeable, about  job costing software  and are familiar with about 15 different construction management softwares such as Procore, BuilderTrend, and Jonas, to keep projects running on time and on budget.


Non-profits often put managed IT services and cyber security on the back burners as it can be costly. Tursa Group provides cost effective managed IT services to every industry and is the perfect fit for your non-profit organization in Calgary.

Law and Legal

Tursa Group helps Calgary law firms stay ahead of technical issues with our managed IT services. Our team of professionals are ready to keep your support issues and emergencies under control to keep your firm running efficiently. We  understand that billable time is important to law firms and so fast response times and proactive IT support is imperative.

Why Choose Tursa Group?

Tursa Group has been providing managed IT services in Calgary and throughout Canada since 2002. We’ve had some technicians stay with the company since our founding, so you can get a consistent experience from the same technicians over and over. We provide managed IT services in Calgary to many industries and have had clients remain with us for 16+ years. We can provide case studies where we have proven to save businesses over 50% of their internal IT costs, while increasing their cyber security and decreasing the amount of ticket submissions, making the work environment run much more efficiently.

At Tusa Group we believe cyber security should be paired with managed IT services, so we have invested into top of the line cyber security software to keep your users safe and your business running smoothly.

Phishing simulations

  • We provide phishing simulations to try to trick your employees into clicking “fake” links in emails to test their awareness. This service is super beneficial for all employees especially for those who work closely with finances.


Cyber security training

  • We provide cyber security training for your employees to increase their knowledge on keeping your company’s information safe and secure online. If an employee fails a phishing simulation test, they will be required to increase their awareness through our cyber security training software.


NIST audits

  • Tursa Group will provide your company with a NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) audit to identify weak points within your organization’s cyber defences, so you’re aware of where to improve and what’s at risk of becoming compromised. We will then work closely with your team to fix these issues to mitigate the risk of cyber criminals stealing your company’s valuable information.

Our Process

Our process for a successful managed IT service transition

Make a plan

  • Inform all stakeholders

  • Review existing systems

  • Identify transition requirements

Prepare for implementation

  • Backups

  • Trial transition

Go live

  • Testing and configuration

  • Training 

  • Go live

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Managed IT Service?

Managed IT services is a combination of IT support and cyber security. We focus on remote and onsite support while solving any issues your operating system may comes across. We ensure your network security, patch software, backups, remote monitoring (and more) are all up to date. Managed IT service providers ensure your business is running in the most efficient way possible and to minimize the amount of downtime your company may have to keep your business competing in Calgary’s thriving business environment.

My company only has 10 employees. Do I need managed IT services?

Yes. Every company should incorporate some sort of cyber security and will require some additional IT support with the company’s technology. Tursa Group provides fair prices and managed IT services plans for every company.

My company has an internal IT department. Why should I choose Tursa Group?

We provide co-managed support where we work closely with your in-house department and provide them with the software and knowledge to remain efficient and the company secure. This type of service is actually much more cost efficient than hiring an additional internal tech.

Why should we choose Tursa Group over a different Calgary managed IT service provider?

Tursa Group’s team has over 20 years of experience in the tech world. We have locations all throughout Canada and can provide onsite support when needed. We stand out as we provide fair prices and increased cyber security rather than our competitors. We make sure your company is up to date with knowledge and tools and provide various forms of phishing simulations, cyber security training, and thorough audits, whereas most managed IT service providers in Calgary don’t provide these. We believe in great value for reasonable prices.

Questions to ask a Calgary managed IT services provider

Before hiring a Calgary managed IT services provider, it is important to ask a series of questions to ensure the company is providing you with the best services that suit your industry and technical needs.

  1. Proactive Support

  2. Full Coverage

  3. Established Strategy and Process

  4. Skill and Experience

  5. Reputation

  6. Digital Transformation

Proactive Support

Do they offer a complete solution, never outsourcing any part of their helpdesk?​

  • You want to ensure that your IT partner has control over the quality of service that you receive.

Do they provide a custom plan based on vetted technology standards?

  • Most managed IT services companies in Calgary have proactive support, but it is always good to ask. You can ask what Remote Management Platform they use, then Google their response for more information.

Do they help you plan for future technology changes and standards?

  • Is there an analysis performed on security protocols, backups, utilization of cloud services and a rollout plan to bring your network up to standard best practices?​

Do they prepare a detailed budget so you can follow through with that plan?

  • Are you provided with a 3 year plan on hardware and software upgrades?​

Do they have an efficient system for prioritizing issues based on your needs?

  • Most managed IT services companies in Calgary will have professional services automation software that will allow them to triage incoming alerts and requests from users so that support technicians focus on the most urgent requests first.

Full Coverage

Can they build your network from the ground up, providing room for scalability?

Do they provide unlimited remote and on-site support?

  • Are there any hidden charges?

Do they provide 7 days per week support?

Do they offer comprehensive backup and disaster recovery solutions?

  • It is important to have both onsite and offsite backups. Also, it is good to always backup your Office 365 and Gsuite email and document accounts.

How do they keep your network and data secure?

  • What do they do to keep your network and data secure. Have them explain in laymans terms.

Is procurement included in their managed service offering?

  • Do they help you source and buy all your IT hardware and software? Licensing can be tricky sometimes and it is great to have a resource to rely on.

Do they offer complimentary workstation rebuilds?

  • Are these extra charges?

Are all of the above included in one flat rate so you can keep to a budget?

Tursa Group

On-site support

No hidden fees

Flat rates

Established Strategy and Process

Do they provide a dedicated account and support team with techs and engineers who know your business?

  • Every business has some unique requirements and it takes time for those requirements to be documented. Additionally, some verticals have specific requirements to meet privacy or data retention requirements.


Do they offer a client-assigned CIO who is dedicated to overseeing your IT plan?

  • A CIOs purpose is to look at technology and see how it can be leveraged to drive down operational costs and increase revenue. Then to create a plan that the Organization can work towards. Examples would include Accounts Payable automation, Robotic Process Automation for data entry, etc.


Do you have regular, scheduled meetings with someone who understands your business?

  • Regular communication is key to keeping abreast of the changes in your business and industry and for your Organization to be kept abreast of technology changes.

Do they ask for feedback and follow up with improvements?

  • Again, regular communication is vital to a health Partnership. Ask how this is achieved.

Skill and Experience

Are all their technicians certified and experienced in their field?


Do they invest in their team, with ongoing training and certification and support?

  • There is a difference between learning on the job and proactive learning. The technology world is always evolving and so regular training is important.

Do they keep up with the latest technologies and innovations, and apply those benefits to their clients?

  • There is a difference between learning on the job and proactive learning. The technology world is always evolving and so regular training is important.

​Can they manage compliance requirements such as HIPAA, FINRA and SEC?

  • This is depending on your industry and might not be relevant.

Tursa Group

20+ yrs experience

latest tech

Certified techs


Do they track client satisfaction, and maintain a near-perfect record?

  • Does every user receive an email after receiving Service that allows them to grade the Service that they received?

Do they have positive client reviews from third party websites?

  • Ask for the website URLs

Are their clients willing to vouch for them?

  • Are their clients willing to have a discussion by phone?

Do they have relationships with best-in-breed technology partners such as Datto and Dell?

  • Get a list of their Technology Partners and look them up through Google.

How long have they been in business for?

Digital Transformation

Are all your internal processes analyzed?

  • If you are using excel or paper anywhere in your business, there could be room for efficiencies. Technology touches every area of a business, let an expert help you.

Are interviews done with each group in your company to see how they perform their work?

  • Each group will have different technology requirements and also might need help improving internal processes with better technology or software.

Is a plan laid out, that leverages Cloud technology to increase collaboration and communication for employees, vendors and customers?

  • Both Gsuite and Office 365 have great capabilities in this area. There are also off the shelf tools that can be leveraged.

Is a return on investment built for an audit on internal processes?

  • You need to show that the new technology will either drive down costs or increase revenue so that it pays for itself.

Are they versed in non Microsoft Cloud products?

  • Don't get us wrong, Microsoft has great products but it is important to always analyze other products to see what can provide a better experience for your users.

Do they have experience in change management?

  • Whenever new technology is implemented, there needs to be a good change management process in place to ensure that Users have a positive experience.

Do they aspire to "best of breed" software solutions?

  • When looking at software to run the Operations or Finances of your Organization, or Groups within your Organization, it is sometimes important to have multiple software platforms integrated together than one ERP software that aspires to do all things for all Groups.

Do they talk about public APIs?

  • Public APIs allow Organizations to integrate different software applications together so that data is only entered once. Or data can easily be pulled out to create dashboards and key performance indicators.

Do they build out an implementation plan in conjunction with all stakeholders?

  • Getting buy-in from stakeholders when implementing new technology will greatly increase the rate of success.

Will they help you become a firm that leverages cutting-edge technology to give you a competitive advantage in the market?

  • Ask them how technology can help them be a leader in their industry.

Do they enable your staff to get access to the data that they require from their mobile devices?

  • Employees are mobile. Do they have access to all the data and software that they need from their mobile device?

Do they help build a "Dashboard" and Key Performance Indicators?

  • Organizations gather lots of data but most of them do not put that data into a platform that allows them to make better business decisions. Can they help you build a reporting system that gives real time business insights? Most industries have their own Metrics for measuring business performance.

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If you have any questions about our managed IT services in Calgary, feel free to reach out!

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