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Managed IT Services Vancouver

We provide quality managed IT services and cyber security in Vancouver, Burnaby, Langley, Richmond, Surrey and the whole general Greater Vancouver Area.

Managed IT services in Vancouver

Tursa Group has been providing managed IT services in Vancouver and throughout Canada since 2002. Some of our team of IT support specialists have been with us for up to 22 years, while our average client has chosen to stick with us for around 15 years. At Tursa Group, we believe managed IT services should be paired with cyber security, that’s why we have spent over 20 years redefining our technology stack to keep up to date with new cyber threats and mitigating your company’s risk of becoming compromised, so you can focus on running and growing your business in Vancouver.

Looking for a free consultation?

Contact us for a free consultation to learn more about how we can increase your cyber security and IT support and the measures we take at Tursa Group.

Onsite support

We provide onsite IT support in Vancouver as a part of our managed IT services for when you need technical support in the office.

20+ years 

Our company has been operating since 2002, and our senior techs have over 20 years of IT support experience.


Let us help your company grow. When choosing our managed IT services we scale with you

Our Vancouver Managed IT Services Include:

Unlimited remote help desk support

We provide unlimited remote support 7 days per week for when you are experiencing issues with your operating systems. Our techs are quick to respond to keep your day running efficiently.

Cyber security (NIST framework - 27001)

We provide your organization with cyber security that follows the National Institute of Standards and Technology.

Data backup and recovery

We ensure your data is backed up in the case of an emergency so you never lose your information.

Network and server management

We set up and administer your network and constantly troubleshoot it to make sure things are running as they should.

24/7 account monitoring

Our systems monitor your account 24/7 to detect and isolate potential online threats.

Cyber security Training

We provide your company with constant phishing simulations to test your employees. If they fail a test they will be required to watch a 1-3 minute video followed by 3-4 questions on how to identify threats.

Vancouver Managed Services VS In-house

While having an in-house IT tech might sound more beneficial, there are many factors to take into account:


Sick Days

Vacation Days

Hiring New Techs

Cost of software

  • Eliminate the cost of salaries when choosing our managed IT services

  • Never worry about losing a tech due to a sick day when choosing us as your managed IT service provider

  • No more paying techs vacation days when choosing Tursa Group

  • Don’t worry about hiring new techs again. If you require in-house support, we will send you someone onsite, or provide you with an in-house tech

  • The cost of software is the second highest cost after a salary. When choosing us as your managed IT service provider, we will provide you with the enterprise level tools and software to remain secure and efficient throughout your day.

When choosing Tursa Group, you receive 7 days per week of support and 24/7 monitoring at a much more cost efficient price. We provide flat rates for our managed IT services to eliminate any hidden setup fees or software fees, as well as increased cyber security and access to our cyber security awareness training service to keep your employees informed and aware of cyber threats.

What Is Managed IT Services

Managed IT services is a combination of IT support and cyber security to help Vancouver businesses stay ahead of cyber threats while limiting downtime due to technical issues. Tursa Group provides proactive IT support to resolve any issues your team might come across when working online, and keep your operating systems up to date to avoid delays and cyber threats. Additionally, we also provide cyber security training for your employees to ensure your staff are up to date and aware of the ongoing cyber attacks to further mitigate your risk of becoming compromised. 

24/7 monitoring

363 days support

phishing simulations

Vancouver Managed Service Provider

When choosing a Vancouver managed service provider, it is essential to receive a full rundown of the services they will provide you with. Make sure to compare them to other companies to ensure you’re receiving the best IT support service your company needs to remain competing in Vancouver.

Cyber Education

Limit Downtime

Mitigate your risk

Our managed IT services include cyber security awareness training to ensure your employees are aware of cyber threats, and how they can keep both your company and themselves safe from cyber risks.​ We also ensure your company receives quick and efficient support to limit your downtime, while also providing your company with access to our enterprise tech stack to mitigate online risks.​

Managed IT Services in Vancouver For Every Industry


We provide managed IT services tailored to the construction industry. We have many clients in this field of work, which has given us a chance to become familiar with and efficient in optimizing the different construction job costing software they use, such as Procore, Knowify, BuilderTrend, Jonas, etc

Law and Legal

We understand that it is crucial for law firms and legal organizations to stay ahead of technical issues and that billable time is important. Tursa Group stands out with very quick response times in order to keep your firm running and free of technical issues.


Often times non-profit organizations look past managed IT services and cyber security as they can be costly. We believe that providing fair managed IT prices and flat rates is only fair to businesses that are running on a tight budget. Additionally, we have experience with Tech Soup to get your organization’s software at a discounted price.

And More!

Our managed IT services are not confined to certain Vancouver industries. Our managed IT plans can be customized depending on your industry, size, and the needs of your business.

Health Care

Having a quick reacting and strong managed IT service provider and increased cyber security is mandatory for the healthcare sector to avoid downtime and to be HPPA compliant. At Tursa Group, we provide swift response times, increased cyber security, and cyber security education to avoid disruptions throughout the day.

Managed IT Support Vancouver

Managing your own IT and cyber security can be costly and time consuming. When you hand off your IT and cyber security needs to a managed IT service provider like Tursa Group, we make sure that your company is up to date with the latest software and tools and is up to par with today's cyber security standards. Our team is ready to tackle your IT needs and can be onsite at your office for any further assistance. Our managed IT services are more cost effective than hiring your own in-house department and provides you with peace of mind with our 24/7 threat detection. Our company follows the NIST framework (National Institute of Standard and Technology), therefore making us a reputable company in the IT support industry.



Our company follows the National Institute of Standards and Technology


Threat detection

Our systems monitor your computers 24/7 and scan the dark web for any leaked emails and passwords


Increased cyber security

Our managed IT services increase your company’s cyber security to decrease the risk of becoming compromised.

Managed IT Services and Support_edited_edited.png

Why Choose Tursa Group

Tursa Group has been a standout IT and cyber security company in Vancouver since 2002. Our team is quick to respond to your IT support needs. Our company follows a strict framework to ensure your company’s cyber safety, therefore our software is very up to date for the evolving threats. We also include cyber security awareness training as a part of our managed IT services to keep your employees aware and informed on how to react to potential risks. Our managed IT services in Vancouver include flat rates and are tailored to each company depending on your business's needs.

Cyber security awareness training

Our Vancouver managed IT services include cyber security training and phishing simulations to keep your employees aware.


Tailored solutions

Our managed IT services are tailored to your company to make sure the needs of your company are met.


Since 2002

Our company has been operating and providing managed IT services to Vancouver businesses since 2002.

Our Process:

1. Make a plan

  • Inform all stakeholders

  • Review existing systems

  • Identify transition requirements

2. Prepare for implementation

  • Backups

  • Trial transition

3. Go live

  • Testing and configuration

  • Training 

  • Go live

Contact Us

Contact us for any further information regarding our managed IT services in Vancouver.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are Managed IT Services

  • Managed IT combines both cyber security and IT support. We focus on remote and onsite support while solving any issues your operating system may come across. We ensure your network security, patch software, backups, remote monitoring (and more) are all up to date.

My company only has 10 employees. Do I need managed IT services?

  • Yes. Every company should incorporate some sort of cyber security and will require some additional support with the company’s technology. Tursa Group provides fair prices and plans for every company and industry in Vancouver.

My company has an internal IT department. Why should I choose Tursa Group?

  • We provide co-managed support where our techs work closely with your in-house department and provide them with the software, knowledge and tools to remain efficient and the company’s information secure. This type of service is much more cost effective than hiring an additional internal tech and allows growth within the company.

Why should we choose Tursa Group over a different Vancouver managed IT service provider?

  • Tursa Group’s team has over 20 years of experience in the Vancouver tech industry. We believe every company should receive a tailored IT service plan, along with a fair price. We cover every industry, and provide unlimited remote support, along with onsite support when required. Some of our senior techs have been with the company since our founding, and our clients remain with us for an average of 15 years. We have proven methods to help save companies over 50% of their internal IT costs and can provide many case studies on how we helped our clients increase cyber security and IT support capacity without breaking the bank.

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