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Phishing Simulation & Cybersecurity Training

Phishingbox phishing awareness training

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A holistic platform designed for enhancing end-user security

Certified Reseller!

Tursa Group is a certified Phishing Box reseller! When purchasing through Tursa Group, your company will receive custom phishing training videos and support from our team on how to use Phishing Box, and how to maximize the use of the platform.

Contact Us today for any questions or inquiries!

Benefits of purchasing through Tursa Group

  • Experience - Rolled out to lots of companies and learned best practices

  • Change Management - Leverage our expertise in ensuring that  there is minimum disruption to your staffs routines

  • Faster set up and rollout

  • Custom Training Videos for your Organization

  • Tursa Group specific Security Awareness training videos. We learned that the default videos did not provide specific examples of what you are learning, and the questions were sometimes ambiguous. We created our own clear training videos.

  • Create your own LMS platform training videos for other aspects of your Organization IE Site Safety.

  • Experience with Integrations through Phishing Box API

Why we chose to partner with Phishing Box

Security Awareness Training

We all know that the human element can sometimes be the weak link in a company's security setup. Cyber attackers are well aware of this vulnerability and often take advantage of it. That's where PhishingBox comes in. With our platform, you can easily run simulated phishing attacks to assess your employees' security awareness. It's a vital component of our comprehensive security training program, making sure your team is well-prepared to defend against threats.

Phishing Simulation

In the current landscape, we're witnessing a surge in social engineering attacks. The human factor is frequently the most susceptible link within a company's security infrastructure. PhishingBox offers a solution to this challenge. With our platform, you can effortlessly run simulated phishing attacks, serving as a crucial component of our comprehensive security awareness training. Our Phishing Simulator provides you the flexibility to create custom groups, allowing you to target as many individuals as you require. This way, you can proactively enhance your employees' security awareness and readiness.

Learning Management System

The PhishingBox LMS is a user-friendly platform designed for streamlining employee training. Our philosophy when it comes to online training is to seamlessly blend accessibility with automation. Our LMS offers an uncomplicated, SCORM-compliant system for efficiently managing online training, regardless of your company's size.

KillPhish™ Scan & Report

KillPhish stands out as an email threat protection add-in specifically designed for Office 365. This powerful tool conducts thorough scans to identify established threats across Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android devices. Whether you're using Outlook Desktop, Web, or Mobile, KillPhish has your security covered. It not only allows for the reporting of phishing attempts and various threats but also recognizes that each inbox has its own unique risk profile. By using KillPhish, you can effectively uncover and address security threats to keep your data and communications safe.

Security Inbox

Security Inbox revolutionizes threat detection. Quickly find email threat patterns, allocate resources where needed, and eliminate the time spent on false alarms. It serves as a central hub for managing reported email threats and empowers you to customize blocklists in combination with PhishingBox Advance Threat Graph (ATG), covering email addresses, domains, URLs, IP addresses, and other key data points.

Looking to improve your online security with PhishingBox?

Ready to take action against phishing threats? Tursa Group is a proud partner of PhishingBox. Contact us to learn how PhishingBox can transform your organization's security and empower your employees to defend against the ever-evolving world of phishing attacks.


In today's digitally connected world, safeguarding your business from phishing threats is non-negotiable. PhishingBox offers the expertise and tools you need to stay ahead of cybercriminals and protect your sensitive data.

Contact us today to set up a quick discovery call to learn more!

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