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Case Study For Managed Support vs Internal IT Department

Updated: Jul 4

The company discussed in this post is a construction company looking to cut costs and streamline its business through our managed IT support services.

~Total Case Study Time Elapsed: 2 years

Financial Impact

Upon Takeover

Post Change

Labour Costs



Hardware Costs



Software Costs



Leased Hardware



Data Centre and Internet









Before Implementing Managed IT Support Services:

  • 27 servers for 50 staff

  • People stopped using Internal WIFI as they could not connect

  • Layers of security policies that were not documented resulting in hours spent troubleshooting to get applications installed and user permissions set up

  • Complex VLAN Network

  • An aggressive spam solution in place quarantined at least 3 emails per day, which required IT to release

  • Streamline satellite office setups for data sharing (not VPNs into the main office)

  • Interactive customer display could not work due to complex security policies

  • The main printer had to be rebooted once per day, due to lag between the data centre and office even with MPLS

  • Work from-home solution was viewed through VPN for a limited number of users due to high licensing costs

  • MDM wiped personal data and was unwieldy

  • Door security server

  • Software licensing was disorganized which resulted in unnecessary licensing costs

  • Documentation not up to date

  • Complex layers of security made it challenging for staff to sometimes do their work

  • No MFA in place for cybersecurity

  • The exchange server was in place plus Office 365 for Office Apps Licensing

~Ticket Volume March 2019: 2,524 Tickets


After Implementing Our Managed IT Support Service:

  • Decreased from 27 Servers to 3, Decommissioned Servers in Data Centre

  • Replaced all routers and switches - Wireless Networks worked (no joke)

  • Simplified network

  • Replaced over 10 VLANs with 2

  • Let Users decide what is Spam and what is not

  • Simplified active directory and all associated rules

  • Simplified printer routing across all locations

  • Work from home solution put in place

  • Intune being put in place

  • Outsourced security to a security firm

  • Implemented IT Glue for proper documentation platform

  • Support requests drastically down over two years

  • Microsoft Authenticator enabled

  • Migrated to Office 365 Suite including training and implementation of teams and Sharepoint/OneDrive

~Ticket Volume May 2021: 229 Tickets


Future - Operational Efficiency Audit - Digital Transformation

  • Replace the legacy client-server construction management platform (that cost $750,000) with a web-based Construction management platform

Pre Change

Post Change


Construction software



Financial software



Dashboard/KPI/Reporting Platform

Non Existent


Head Office Labour Savings


10-Year Amortization on Initial Outlay





Real-Time Analytics

  • Portal for Customers and Vendors to share data

  • Ability to take advantage of Accounts Payable Automation to reduce data entry

  • Reduced labour savings will be about 10% of head office labour costs or about $5000 per month


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