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ScalePad is designed to complement and enhance your current Asset Management process by automating all manual tasks. The platform is fully cloud-based and can be set up in just one click. It integrates with over 60 solutions across PSA, RMM and OEM vendors. Conveniently access client reports to prepare for meetings that involve budgeting and forecasting discussions with your clients. Initiate more regular facetime by scheduling reports to be sent automatically to your clients’ inbox along with a personalized message.

Tursa Group is a partner and reseller for Scalepad, an essential tool for ensuring the efficiency of MSP's. This MSP management application is integral to our own team's management of our clients IT infrastructure. Contact us today to explore how this solution can enhance the performance of your IT team.

Benefits Of Partnering With Tursa Group

  • Experience - Rolled out to lots of companies and learned best practices

  • Change Management - Leverage our expertise in ensuring that  there is minimum disruption to your staffs routines

MSP Management Software

Discover ScalePad, the user-friendly yet powerful tool that simplifies your hardware, software, and warranty management effortlessly. Our asset management application automatically gathers essential data, boosting your productivity and profitability. For MSPs, it means having real-time, accurate data consolidated into a single reliable source.

With software and hardware insights seamlessly integrated, achieving consistency and making informed decisions becomes a breeze. Access to pre-built reports, complete with data-backed recommendations, fosters transparency with your clients. Armed with the right insights, you can ease the sales process and focus on providing valuable advice.


Now, with hardware and software insights at your fingertips, you can spot sales opportunities through hardware upgrades, ensuring a steady stream of revenue with real-time insights on your dashboard. Without ever leaving the app, you can effortlessly handle warranty quoting, pricing adjustments, and purchase processes, all while scheduling service requests.

Scalepad Is Designed To Help MSP's:

Improve the client experience

Impress your clients with tools that make communications easier. Become proactive to your client’s needs and build a brand that cares about their success.

Work smarter

Reduce the manual workload so you can focus on better relationships with your clients. Make your entire team more productive with tools that show you more data while doing less manual input.

Strengthen operations

Implement standardized practices to quickly and easily identify risk in your client's IT environment. Standardize how you run your MSP business and scale on the back of operational efficiency.

Increase revenue

Attract new clients and boost your revenue by maximizing the value you bring to your clients. Put tools in place to identify revenue opportunities while keeping your clients top of mind.

Scalepad is trusted by 10,000+ MSP's!

From small teams of techs to upcoming businesses of size, ScalePad has solutions to help your company work smarter. Get the MSP software tools that will help you scale your business and deliver a better client experience — no matter the size or where you are on your business journey.

Contact us today to book a discovery call!

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