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Work From Home Solution

How your business can implement a Work From Home Solution

To help Canadian businesses respond quickly to the COVID-19 crisis, Tursa Group is offering a FREE installation of our Work From Home Solution.

The solution works in the following way:

  1. We install remote access software on both the work computer and the home computer. This software comes with Multi Factor Authentication to ensure security on the home computer end. 

  2. This means that all work laptops and desktops need to be left on with the POWER saving turned off. We are also recommending at least one person from each company work onsite.

  3. As a gesture of goodwill in these troubling times, Tursa Group will not charge our labour to implement this Work From Home Solution. (A saving of $50 per person.)

  4. The cost is US$12 per person for an annual subscription. (This is simply a pass through cost from us for the software.) 

To install this solution we can work alongside your current IT provider or in-house staff.


Tursa Group are currently prioritizing work from home initiatives over all other requests. This is in line with WHO and government initiatives to 'flatten the curve' and reduce human contact. 


Please note: 


  • VPNs may NOT be a good solution as you will saturate the bandwidth of your office internet connection. VPN is a great remote access tool if only a few people need remote access to the server. It is not a good solution when the entire company needs remote access to the server. (This varies by company.)

  • ALL staff will need a computer at their home for this software to work properly.


Simply contact us on and we can get the process started right away.

Work From Home Solution
Working from Home
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