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Tursa Group provides Managed Services to a wide array of Corporate Clients. Tursa Group provides peace of mind, by ensuring, that IT best practices are deployed in every aspect of your Companies IT infrastructure. We act as a Chief Information Officer, so that your Company is taking advantage of technology to drive efficiencies throughout your Company.

Managed IT Support Services

Managed IT Support

Tursa Group, we  work hard every day, 7 days per week, to ensure that your Network is Secure, Safe and Efficient. You can sleep well at night knowing that  your Organization has :

  • Fully Managed Anti Virus

  • Fully Managed Onsite AND Offsite backup

  • Fully Managed Mobile Devices

  • Fully Managed Dark Web Password Monitoring

  • Fully Managed Intrusion Detection on your Computer Network

​CoManaged IT Support

CoManaged IT

CoManaged IT Support is our Helpdesk working with your current IT staff. We free up your internal IT staff to focus on IT and technology projects and not get bogged down in supporting End Users. Additionally, there can be the benefit of support 7 days per week AND broader IT skill sets

available for your Organization.

​Business Process Improvement Consulting

Business Process
Improvement Consulting

This is really what sets us apart from our Competition. We do an analysis of how data flows through your  Organization, from Receiving an Order to Invoicing that Order. We will zero in, anywhere Excel is being used to manage a process, or where data is being entered more than once. Additionally, we look at software that is used throughout an organization and how that software is being used by staff and suggest improvements to streamline data flow and to give staff access to the data that they need. 

Virtual Facilitation

Virtual Facilitation 

The sudden change into remote work helped many organizations to take advantage of the digital environment. However, many organizations and professionals are still struggling to lead groups virtually.​ We equip professionals with the skills set required to thrive in the new world of digital collaboration, helping you and your team to explore this new terrain, overcome the challenges, and take full advantage of virtual settings.​ We train leaders, managers, staff, consultants, facilitators and educators to design and lead group processes virtually.

About Us

We are a Technology Partner that takes the time to understand what your goals and plans are for your Organization. We then build a road map that leverages technology to help you achieve those goals. We provide Peace of Mind to C-Level Executives and increase employee productivity with our creative solutions. We also help companies migrate from Desktop Applications to SaaS applications with a proven methodology. We work with you as a CIO, and Strategic Partner to ensure that your Organization has a forward thinking Technology Strategy.


"The Tursa Group consistently provides fast and effective service. We particularly like Tursa’s continuity – by having the same people provide our IT support over time the Tursa Group has developed a good working relationship with us, where they understand our needs and our IT system and can consistently provide efficient and effective IT support."

—  Law Firm -  Tiro

"Excellent support team. Highly recommend Tursa for your IT needs. The staff are friendly, helpful and do whatever it takes to keep our network running. Working with them feels like they are truly just part of our extended work family."

—  Plumbing & Heating - David

"We have been with Tursa Group for over 3 years and they are a great support to me and my team. Quick to respond to questions and always on top of our computers needs. I have referred Tursa to my colleagues and will continue to, their knowledge, integrity, and professionalism is unquestionable."

— Business Coaching - Greg

“Tursa Group has been providing excellent support to our organization. They are quick to respond to any issue we have and always have the right person available to assist us, whether it’s a network, desktop, wireless or remote support issues.   Tursa group staff are always friendly, knowledgeable and work diligently to resolve our IT challenges. Everyone at our organization speaks positively about the support and staff that Tursa Group provides and I am happy to continue to work with such an outstanding organization.”

— Clothing Designer and Manufacturer- COO - Brian 

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