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Managed IT Services Toronto

Quick and efficiently managed IT services in Toronto ON. Increase your cyber security and IT support capacity with Tursa Group

Managed IT services in Toronto

Our Toronto IT support team is ready to tackle your IT and cyber security needs both remotely and onsite. Our team of IT technicians have over 20 years of experience and our company has been providing Toronto businesses with proactive IT support services since 2002. Our managed IT services tackle solutions such as patch management, network and server management, dark web scanning, and our systems monitor your accounts 24/7. We provide managed IT support in Toronto 7 days a week 363 days per year to make sure your company’s getting IT support when you need it.

What’s included in
our managed IT services

Unlimited remote help desk support

We provide unlimited remote support when you are experiencing issues with your operating systems. Our techs in Toronto are quick to respond to keep your employees working efficiently.

Cyber security (NIST framework - 27001)

We provide your organization with cyber security that follows the National Institute of Standards and Technology.

Data backup and recovery

We ensure your company’s data is backed up in the case of an emergency so you never lose your information.

Network and server management

We set up and administer your network and constantly troubleshoot it to make sure things are running as they should.

24/7 account monitoring

Our systems monitor your account 24/7 to detect and isolate potential online threats.

Cyber security Training

We deploy phishing simulations and other forms of phishing to test your employee's awareness when sharing company information online.

Full Coverage

We provide solutions and infrastructure at a flat monthly rate to build your plan from the ground up.

Unlimited remote +

onsite support

Assistance with outsourcing software and licensing

7 days per week of support

Complimentary workstation rebuilds

Backup and recovery plan

Network and Data Security

Managed IT services for every industry in Toronto


We have provided managed IT services to many construction companies in Toronto and have become very knowledgeable, about job costing software and are familiar with about 15 different construction management software such as Procore, BuilderTrend, and Jonas, to keep projects running on time and on budget.


Non-profits often put managed IT services and cyber security on the back burners as it can be costly. Tursa Group provides cost effective managed IT services to every industry and is the perfect fit for your non-profit organization in Toronto.

Law and Legal

Tursa Group assists Toronto law firms to stay ahead of technical issues with our managed IT services. Our team of professionals are ready to keep your support issues and emergencies under control to keep your firm running efficiently. We understand that billable time is important to law firms so fast response times and proactive IT support is imperative.

And More!

Our managed IT services are not confined to certain Vancouver industries. Our managed IT plans can be customized depending on your industry, size, and the needs of your business.

Health Care

We understand that the healthcare sector has more stringent cyber security needs than other industries and as a result,  needs top of the line managed IT services to keep the work environment running smoothly and securely. Our managed IT services and cyber security are tailored to your needs in order to provide you with the most effective solutions.

Managed IT services in Toronto vs in-house department

Often times companies believe hiring an in-house department will be more beneficial than outsourcing IT to an IT support company. This isn’t always the case for most organizations as cyber security can be mismanaged, and the cost to hire and maintain a full IT support team can be more than outsourcing to a managed IT support company. When choosing between an IT support company and an in-house department, there are a few factors to keep in mind:

Cost of hiring

The cost of hiring and training new IT support staff is a pain, and provides a level of uncertainty as to how long the staff will remain with the company. When you outsource your IT to a managed IT service provider like us, you can be assured that your IT and cyber security are in good hands


Salaries are a huge expense when managing your own in-house department. At Tursa Group we can provide you with case studies on where we’ve saved companies over 50% of their internal IT operational costs.


Software can also be a huge expense within your in-house department, and often can be mismanaged or not in place. When you choose an outsourced IT company like Tursa Group you receive access to our enterprise technology stack to keep your company safe and properly managed online.

Vacation/Sick Days

When you outsource your IT to us, you never have to worry about IT support staff taking days off. We provide your company with 7 days a week of remote support, and onsite support when required.

Let us help

Before investing in your own in-house IT department, it’s important to weigh the pros and cons of outsourcing vs internal. We want to make sure your company receives the best IT services in Toronto to keep your organization free of technical issues and online threats.

Established strategy and process

We believe an established strategy is key when implementing

our managed IT services.​

Client assigned CIO

Dedicated account and support team - Engineers and techs

Requested feedback for further improvements

Regularly scheduled meetings

Outsourced IT services Toronto

When outsourcing your IT to a Toronto managed IT service provider, you can expect to receive a team of support when needed. Our IT staff are dedicated to keeping your company’s internal information safe from cyber criminals, and your day free of technical issues. When choosing us as your outsourced IT service provider, we put our focus on increased cyber security through network monitoring, patch management, phishing simulations, cyber security training, and providing you with top of the line IT and helpdesk support.

Reduced Time

Our team of IT professionals are quick to respond to make sure your Toronto business avoids disruptions throughout the day.

Designed for SME’s

We realize that most SME’s in Toronto don’t have the budget for an internal IT team. Our cost effective managed IT services are an easy solution to make sure your business is up to date with cyber security and IT support.

Tailored Solutions

We understand that every industry and every organization has different needs when it comes to IT support. Our managed IT services plans are tailored to fit the needs and wants of your business and the industry you work in.

Skills and Experience

We ensure our techs are certified and are constantly undergoing certifications to keep them up to date and educated.

Certified techs

We invest in constant training and certifications for our staff

Up to date with the latest technology to benefit clients

Compliant with HIPAA, FINRA, and SEC regulations

Managed IT Support in Toronto

Our IT support staff in Toronto are on-call and ready to take action with any issues your company might across during the day. We ensure your operating systems are up to date and running with the latest cyber security updates to increase your online defence systems to further mitigate online risks. Our company follows the National Insitute of Standards and Technology (NIST) to ensure all the correct procedures are being followed and that your company’s cyber security is met with the highest standard of technology and online solutions. When choosing Tursa Group as your managed IT support provider, you can rest assured that your business can operate efficiently and securely online.


Our company follows the National Institute of Standards and Technology. This strict framework provides your company with top of the line software and solutions to remain safe and secure online


Onsite Services

We provide onsite services to companies that might need additional support in the office. Our techs are available 7 days per week, 363 days per year.

Patch Management

When choosing Tursa Group, we automatically push new software and updates during your company’s downtime to further increase cyber security.


We are dedicated to providing the best managed IT services in Toronto

to ensure satisfied customers.

We track client satisfaction and maintain a near perfect record

Positive reviews and testimonials

Established partnerships with enterprise software companies (ex. Datto)

We’ve been providing managed IT services in Toronto since 2002

Why Choose Tursa Group as Your Outsourced IT Provider


Tursa Group has been providing managed IT services in Toronto since 2002. We’re dedicated to providing proactive IT solutions for every industry and encourage strong cyber security. Tursa Group is one of the few managed IT service providers that includes cyber security awareness training in our services to educate and test your employees in the workplace. Our plans are offered on a month to month contract, and we provide flat rates to avoid any hidden setup or services fees.

No Hidden Fees

We provide flat monthly rates to avoid hidden extra costs

Cyber Security Awareness Training

We include cyber security awareness training in our services to ensure your employees are up to date and aware of current online threats

Leading Since 2002

We have been providing Toronto businesses with top of the line cyber security and IT support since 2002.

Digital Transformation

We want to make sure your organization is utilizing all the tools and solutions available to stand out from your competitors.

We analyze your internal process for areas of improvement

We interview groups of your company to review their process

We provide a laid out plan that leverages cloud technology to increase collaboration and communication with vendors, customers, and employees.

We build an ROI to audit your internal process

Versed in both Microsoft and non-Microsoft products

Microsoft is a great product, however, we like to analyze different platforms that might fit your needs better.

Experience in change management

We aspire to “best of breed” software solutions

We cover the topic on public API’s

Our implementation plan is built out with your stakeholders

We will make sure your firm is using cutting-edge technology to give you a competitive advantage

We enable your staff to access required data through their mobile devices

We build a KPI dashboard to give real-time business insights


Contact Tursa Group today to schedule a free consultation. Let us manage your IT and cyber security, so you can go back to running your Toronto business.

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